Powerware 9130 PW9130i3000R-XL2U Rack mounted

*UPS with 1 EBM module

Powerware 9130 PW9130i3000R-XL2U rack mount rear

*US Model Shown, other plug types available

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 Powerware 9130 PW9130i3000R-XL2U (103006463-6591) International Rack mount Uninterruptible Power Supply

This product has been discontinued
It has been replaced by the 9PX Series
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The Powerware PW9130i3000R-XL2U rack mount UPS is 2U high and includes a four-post rail kit (two-post rail kit optional). It is a double conversion UPS with 95% efficiency. The unit has all 9 levels of power protection. The PW9130i3000R-XL2U has extended runtime batteries. These extended battery modules (EBM) allow over 4 hours of runtime. The PW9130i3000R-XL2U is also available in both hardwire models or with plug and receptacles. It is also equipped with hot swappable internal batteries. The UPS can be started on battery power only if there is no external power (black start).

The PW9130i3000R-XL2U UPS has a bright, front panel LCD for easy monitoring and management. LEDs also show system status. With optional PDUs (power distribution units) and/or a HotSwap MBP maintenance bypass switch, you can create a low cost N+1 redundant UPS system. It includes two individually controlled load segmentation outlets allow selective load shedding. The PW9130i3000R-XL2U rack mount UPS is also equipped with Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO) and standard relay output contacts. Included NetWatch 5.0 software enables automatic shutdown of UPS protected devices including virtualized servers and is compatible with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 4.3.

9130 UPS units have a communications bay with a standard communications slot for web, SNMP, Modbus, or serial connectivity. This allows you to connect directly to the Ethernet network and the Internet to monitor and manage the UPS with a standard web browser. Through the web interface you can monitor power conditions in real time through existing facilities or building management systems. You can also monitor multiple servers on various operating systems (Unix, Linux, Windows 20XX server) to shut down running server applications before the UPS shuts down (due to lack of power). This is compatible with Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, etc. Receive alarm notifications via SNMP or other interface warning you of dangerous from your environmental monitoring devices or security systems.

Features and Benefits

9130 Rack mount includes rail 9130 Hot swappable internal batteries FlexPDU
Four-post rail kit included (two-post rail kit optional) Hot swappable internal batteries in only 2U Optional FlexPDU and HotSwap MBP for greater flexibility and uptime


Topology Online, double-conversion
Configuration Rack mount
Catalog Number PW9130L700R-XL2US
Color Black
Rating (VA/Watts) 700/630
Diagnostics Full system self-test
Efficiency >95% in high-efficiency mode; >86% in online mode
UPS Bypass Automatic bypass
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches) 3.4 x 17.2 x 17.7
Weight (lbs) 35.3
Warranty Two-year factory warranty
Rail Kit Included Included with all rack mount units
Remote Emergency Power off (REPO) Emergency shutdown control through the REPO port
(Ships with the following items)
1 ready-to-go UPS
Software Suite CD
USB Cable
User Guide
Quick Start Instructions
4-post Rail Kit
Electrical Input
Connection 5-15P 5-15P
Input Cord 6 ft.
Input Voltage Range 90-138 Vac
Nominal Voltage 120V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Frequency Range 45-65 Hz
Nominal Current 5.8 A
Breaker Ratings 15A
Generator compatibility Yes
Electrical Output
Output Receptacles 5-15R(6) 5-15R
On Utility Voltage Regulation ±3% of nominal
On Battery Voltage Regulation ±3% of nominal
Voltage Wave Shape (On Battery) Sine wave
Power Factor 0.9
Frequency Regulation ±3% Hz online
Load Crest Factor 3 to 1
Maximum Number of Battery Packs 4
Battery Type 36 Vdc; (3) 12V, 9 Ah
Half Load Runtime (in mins) 32
Full Load Runtime (in mins) 14
Battery Replacement Hot-swappable internal and external batteries
Start On Battery Allows start of UPS without utility input
Recharge Time Internal batteries: 3 hours. 1 EBM: 9 hours; 2 EBM: 15 hours; 3 EBM: 21 hours; 4 EBM: 27 hours
User Interface Graphical LCD with blue backlight and text in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish
LEDs Four status-indicating LEDs
Communication Ports (1) USB, (1) RS-232 serial, Relay output (common alarm standard)
Communications Slot Optional communication slots (BD Slot)
Optional Communication Cards SNMP/Web card for direct control and monitoring in SNMP-based networks, monitoring of UPS status and meters through Web browser interface Relay card for integration to industrial environment and building management systems, remote shutdown for IBM AS/400 systems
Power Management Software Bundled software suite CD
Environmental & Standards
RoHS Compliance Yes
Heat Dissipation (BTU) Line: 350, Bat: 554
Audible Noise <50 dB
Operating Temperature -20°C (-4°F) to +40°C (104°F) with batteries and -25°C (-13°F) to +55°C (131 °F) without batteries
Safety markings UL, cUL, VCCI
EMC Markings FCC Class B, EN55022 Class B
Storage Temperature -20°C (-4°F) to +40°C (104°F) with batteries and -25°C (-13°F) to +55°C (131 °F) without batteries
Relative Humidity 5-90% non-condensing
Note: Due to continuing product improvement programs, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Battery Backup Times (in minutes) at 0.7 Power Factor

Load (VA/Watts) Internal
1 EBM 2 EBMs 3 EBMs 4 EBMs
700/490 14 55 102 148 175
525/368 20 77 140 179 239
350/245 32 124 189 282 414
175/123 64 200 395 552 739

Battery Backup Times (in minutes) at 0.9 Power Factor

Load (VA/Watts) Internal
1 EBM 2 EBMs 3 EBMs 4 EBMs
700/630 10 42 77 113 161
525/473 16 61 108 170 211
350/315 29 106 167 248 325
175/158 52 207 344 479 548

Heat Dissipation

For all voltages: 230/208 and 120V

Eaton 9130 Model Normal Mode, BTUs/hr On Battery, BTUs/hr
700 VA 350 554
1000 VA 500 674
1500 VA 750 1011
2000 VA 838 1348
2500 VA 1047 146
3000 VA 1257 1755

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