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Critical Load Surge Filters


Cutler-Hammer's AEGIS solutions are specifically designed to protect expensive electronics from the hazards that exist within a facility. This critical load protection is effective at reducing harmful surges and noise. Applying this high performance series power-line filter at your critical loads results in "clean" power entering the electronics and reduction of "soft" errors, operational malfunction, and damage to components.

PLC manufacturers and service technicians recommend the use of surge suppressors and filters to prevent downtime and equipment damage due to surges and electrical damage due to surges and electrical line noise. One study shows failure to protect sensitive electronic loads costs American manufacturing, commercial and service industries over $39 billion per year in lost time and revenue. Preventing these losses is a major cost-saving opportunity.

AEGIS Powerline filters protect against the full spectrum of transient disturbances. AEGIS filters the entire sine wave and is effective against both frequently occurring low energy and occasional high-energy transients. High-energy transients can create immediate damage, while low-energy transients cause microprocessor failure over time.

Features, Benefits and Functions
Unique series hybrid design (AEGIS-HW, AEGIS-PR, AEGIS+)

  • Protection against high and low energy transients and noise
  • The tracking filter reacts instantly to changes in frequency and voltage, regardless of phase angle, magnitude or polarity
  • Active at all times, providing more protection than a conventional surge suppressor
  • Extends the life of your microprocessors by eliminating degrading power disturbances

High performance suppression capabilities (AEGIS-HW, AEGIS-PR, AEGIS+)
AEGIS-HW and AEGIS-PR have up to 45,500 amperes of surge current suppression and 75 dB of noise attenuation at 100 kHz. This guarantees a superior level of protection and reliability. AEGIS+ has additional protection up to 160 kA/phase.

Status monitoring lights (AEGIS-HW, AEGIS-PR, AEGIS+)
No more testing or guessing whether your unit is working properly. Filter indicator lights expedites your troubleshooting efforts during downtime situations.

5-Year Downstream Equipment Warranty (AEGIS-HW and AEGIS-PR only)
Cutler-Hammer provides a 5-year Extended Warranty on the microprocessor power supply protected by AEGIS. No other manufacturer offers this level of assurance in backing up its claim of product performance, quality and reliability.

AEGIS provides superior value when considering the level of performance and benefits offered. It truly delivers the best ?bang? for your dollar.

Optional remote monitoring capabilities (AEGIS-HW and AEGIS+ only)
Observe all your operations on a remote basis, including the power protection devices used to safeguard your critical and sensitive electronic loads.

DIN-Rail, J-Rail or flange mounting connections (AEGIS-HW only)
The DIN-Rail mountable enclosures greatly reduce installation time, effort and cost. This unique container is the preferred choice among OEMs and contractors.

Thermal Cut-Off Protection (TCO) (AEGIS-HW and AEGIS-PR only)
Thermal fuse improves indication, monitor and control during fault conditions.

Standards and Certifications
Cutler-Hammer's products are designed in accordance with ANSI/IEEE C62.41 (1991) recommended spectrum of transient waveforms. The AEGIS protects against all ringing and impulse disturbances.

Application Description
The AEGIS is the ideal protection solution for your critical loads and facilities.


  • Programmable controllers (PLCs)
  • Scanning devices
  • ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines)
  • Cash registers
  • Alarm systems
  • Microprocessor-controlled OEM products
  • Robotics
  • CAD/CAM systems
  • Control equipment
  • Medical electronics and devices

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