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 Eaton Powerware Emergency Lighting UPS Family:

Product Snapshot
Power Rating 10-200 kVA
Voltage 208/277/480 Vac
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Configuration Tower
Product Series Powerware



Appropriate and effective emergency lighting systems are vital to facilitate occupant egress during an emergency, such as a building fire or other dangerous situation. In addition to prioritizing safety, proper emergency lighting is required by building codes such as NFPA 101, the Life Safety Code. Trust Eaton’s emergency lighting UPSs (10-200 kVA) to keep your occupants safe and your commercial structures up to code. Our emergency lighting UPSs (10-200 kVA) are UL 924 tested and certified, providing the industry’s highest capacity and smallest footprint options for emergency lighting applications.

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  Emergency Lighting UPSs Ordering Information:

Part Number Power Rating
Input Plug Output Receptacles UL 924 Market
277V split-phase (9x55)
277V 10 kVA / 7.2 kW 10000 / 7200 Hardwired Hardwired Emergency
277V 15 kVA / 9 kW 15000 / 9000 Hardwired Hardwired Emergency
208V three-phase (9x55)
208V 10 kVA / 8.5 kW 10000 / 8500 Hardwired Hardwired Emergency
208V 15 kVA / 13.1 kW 15000 / 13100 Hardwired Hardwired Emergency
208V 20 kVA / 18 kW 20000 / 18000 Hardwired Hardwired Emergency
208V 30 kVA / 24 kW 30000 / 24000 Hardwired Hardwired Emergency
208V 30 kVA / 27 kW 30000 / 27000 Hardwired Hardwired Ext Runtime Emergency
480V/277V three-phase (9355)
480V 20 kVA / 18 kW 20000 / 18000 Hardwired Hardwired Emergency
480V 30 kVA / 24 kW 30000 / 24000 Hardwired Hardwired Emergency
480V 30 kVA / 27 kW 30000 / 27000 Hardwired Hardwired Ext Runtime Emergency
480/277V three-phase (93PM)
480/277V 20-120 kVA Family Hardwired Hardwired Emergency
480/277V 20-200 kVA Family + IAC-D Hardwired Hardwired Auxiliary: IAC-D
480V three-phase (9390)
480V 40-80 kVA Hardwired Hardwired Emergency

  Emergency Lighting UPSs Features:

  • UL 924 tested and certified to meet NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code) and other important building codes
  • An Eaton factory limited warranty, technical support and options for service and monitoring/management plans (PredictPulse) provide investment protection and peace-of-mind
  • Portfolio includes solutions that boast industry-leading efficiency with Eaton's Energy Saver System (ESS) and small footprints
  • 10 kVA and 15 kVA units come with Wall Mount Transformer, allowing for L N 277V applications

Series Comparison for the 5PX Series:

    Model 5PX Rackmount 5P Rackmount 5P Tower 5SC Tower 5S Tower
    Power range 1000-3000 VA 550-3000 VA 550-3000 VA 500-1500 VA 550-1500 VA
    Extended battery module        
    Outlet metering        
    Network card slot    
    Virtualization-ready bundles with network card        
    Outlet control    
    Sinewave output on battery  
    Graphical  LCD    
    Icon-based LCD      
    ABM® technology
    (50% longer battery service life)
    Virtualization-ready software  
    UPS companion software        
    ENERGY STAR qualified    
    3-year warranty
    (including batteries)


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