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Eaton’s FORESEER Enterprise Management System monitors and proactively manages enterprise-wide mission-critical infrastructure equipment, including thousands of power, environmental, and life/safety devices.



Features & Benefits

Turns data into knowledge to help expedite decision-making in a global enterprise. Its ability to collect and quickly analyze data turns information into actionable knowledge
Distributed, scalable architecture tailored to organizational needs. You can manage the entire company’s infrastructure from a single location or from a redundant disaster recovery location
Dependable trend analysis, forecasting, modeling, and analysis tools allow for proactive management and monitoring as well as performance reports
Customizable graphic user interface (GUI) allowing for personalized views based on individual preferences. Even your customers or internal clients can have a customized view to support service level agreements

Imagine seeing the solution before the problem...

DataTrax Systems' FORESEER is the ultimate solution to proactively monitoring and managing foundation equipment. Regardless of manufacturer, from UPS, air handlers, and battery monitoring to simple intrusion detectors, FORESEER monitors them all.

FORESEER's unique interface capability and unparalleled performance analysis tools deliver the information you need in order to identify dangerous trends, execute corrective action and prevent failures. Information comes across clearly and intuitively via the most advanced GUI available.

FORESEER is easily configured to your unique environment, regardless of the complexity, size, or number of distributed sites. FORESEER also readily connects foundation equipment and users over networks, modems, T1, or virtually any Ethernet or serial connection, from anywhere in the world.

FORESEER arms you with the most advanced alarm management capability available. A stoplight color scheme shows you at a glance any problems and their severity. Green indicates a normal condition, yellow indicates a warning-level alarm and red indicates a critical alarm. Alpha-numeric OutCall Paging™ ensures that the right personnel are automatically notified of alarms and potential problems.

FORESEER makes it easy to set-up graphical views to accurately depict your site. Authorized users, enterprise-wide, can personalize FORESEER views based on individual preference. The editor function includes extensive drawing capability and allows you to import CAD files, logos, photographs and scanned images.

A variety of easy-to-use reports are at your fingertips. Standard reports are included with each system and a Custom Report Generator produces management reports and other specific information whenever needed. Some of the available reports include Load Analysis, Capacity Planning, Equipment Run Times and Alarm Reports.

And best of all, FORESEER is installed, serviced and supported by Powerware Corporation's Worldwide Services Group. A range of installation packages are available to meet your specific needs including complete, turn-key project management and on-site training.

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