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The Clipper VL is a commercial grade and light industrial surge protection device (SPD) that combines surge suppression components and EMI/RFI filtering to provide effective protection for sensitive electronic loads. It is designed to prevent downtime and equipment damage caused by electrical surges.

Features and Benefits and Functions

  • SurgePlane technology to ensure reliability and performance by using a low impedance copper platform
  • Compact design to enable close mounting to electrical distribution equipment
  • Parallel hybrid filter technology
  • Individually fused surge suppression components
  • Status indicator lights to monitor supply power, surge suppression component status and fusing
  • Can be remotely monitored using Form C contacts
  • Audible alarm
  • Ideal for OEM panel applications
  • Proven track record in international applications
  • Independently tested at lightning laboratories to verify published surge current ratings

Standards and Certifications

  • UL 1449 2nd Edition Listed, UL 1283 Listed, CSA Approved, CE Marked
  • All Clipper VL units have been tested per NEMA LS-1 and ANSI IEEE recommended high energy impulses (Category C3, 20 kV, 10kA), and internally generated ring-wave surges (Category B3, 6 kV, 500A at 100 kHz).
  • The UL listed filter protects against ringing transients and EMI/RFI noise disturbances. The tuned suppression filter achieves 40 dB attenuation at 100 kHz (IEEE Category B3 Ringwave).

Product Specifications
Three surge current ratings are available to meet a variety of applications - the CVL050 (50 kA/phase), CVL080 (80 kA/phase) and CVL100 (100 kA/pha

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