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 Power-Sure Power Conditioners:

Single phase to 3 phase power conditioners and power protection from electrical noise, lightning, utility power switching, and motors. This includes brownouts, sags, surges, and transients. Power conditioners range in size from 250VA single phase to 300KVA three phase units.

Eaton Power-Sure 700

The Eaton Power-Sure 700 provides power protection using Eaton’s three phase power line conditioning system. Power-Sure 700 combines voltage regulation with a transformer and filter to remove transients and noise.

Eaton Power-Sure 800

The Eaton Power-Sure 800 offers the solution for any application with noisy or poor power quality. Available in office, floor or wall/panel mounted industrial models.

Eaton Power-Suppress 100

The Eaton Power-Suppress 100 Ultra-Isolation and Noise Suppressor provides protection against electrical disturbances and safeguards equipment from RFI/EMI electrical noise.

Eaton Power-Suppress T7

The Eaton Power-Suppress T7 three-phase ultra-isolator noise suppressor protects electronic equipment against electrical noise disturbances while providing total isolation.

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