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  PXI (Power Xpert Insight)
  Intelligent Power Software Suite
  Rack PDU Monitoring Software
  MultiView Software
  Software Suite CD
  Extensions for IBM Director
  Power Manager II
  Netwatch Software
  Modbus Profiler

  CheckUPS Software Suite

Delivering a full line of software, strategic equipment, and connectivity devices, Eaton provides the perfect solution. Implementing these key components along with our UPS products allows you to get the most out of your power protection system.


Monitor power and energy from the basement to the roof top, for one facility or multiple. Power Xpert Insight supports the following Eaton device types commonly found in commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, data centers, universities and hospitals:
• Power Xpert Meters intelligent power manager
• IQ Meters
• Circuit Breaker Trip Units
• Motor Control Overload Relays
• Motor Protective Relays
• Feeder Protective Relays
• Uninterruptible Power Systems
• Power Distribution Units
• Automatic Transfer Switches
• I/O Modules


Ideal for monitoring and managing multiple power and environmental devices, Intelligent Power Manager software from Eaton delivers a global view across the network from any PC with an Internet browser or VMware's vCenter dashboard. Exceptionally versatile, the software is compatible with devices supporting a network interface, including Eaton and other manufacturers' UPSs, environmental sensors, ePDUs, shutdown applications and more. Intelligent Power Manager also offers the ability to sort units by customized views, centralize alarms and maintain event logs for preventive maintenance of the entire installed equipment base.

Features and benefitsintelligent power manager
• View similar devices and all alerts from a single Web interface
• Mass upgrade firmware
• Manage shutdown agents
• Auto discovery automatically detects network devices
• Edit and configure SNMP devices
• View UPSs and other power devices from VMware vCenter and Citrix XenCenter dashboards
• Triggers VMware's vMotion and other migration applications to move virtual machines to an available server during a power outage
• Enables remote, safe shutdown of servers in a cluster running vCenter


Eaton’s new Visual Power Manager (VPM) software provides data center managers the tools to monitor and manage data center rack power distribution units (PDUs). VPM is easy-to-deploy, simplifies day-to-day monitoring and helps maintain business continuity. VPM helps you monitor rack PDUs, supply predefined and custom reports, initiate mass firmware and configuration commands and deliver a visual layout of your data center, making it simple to stay in-tune with trends and identify and resolve any issues. The comprehensive reporting software saves you time, allowing you to stay on top of power management while focusing on the bigger picture – running your data center.

Features and benefits
• Easy-to-deploys
• Simplify day-to-day monitoring
• Maintain business continuity
• Rack builder
• Rack PDU management
• Floor layout builder
intelligent power manager

Rack PDU Monitoring Software
VPM-50 Visual Power Manager- 50 Node License
VPM-100 Visual Power Manager- 100 Node License
VPM-250 Visual Power Manager- 250 Node License
VPM-500 Visual Power Manager- 500 Node License
VPM-1000 Visual Power Manager- 1000 Node License
VPM-2500 Visual Power Manager- 2500 Node License
VPME-10 Visual Power Manager- License Expansion - 10 Nodes
VPME-50 Visual Power Manager- License Expansion - 50 Nodes
VPME-100 Visual Power Manager- License Expansion - 100 Nodes
VPME-500 Visual Power Manager- License Expansion - 500 Nodes
VPMS-50 Visual Power Manager- Annual Support - 50 Nodes
VPMS-100 Visual Power Manager- Annual Support - 100 Nodes
VPMS-250 Visual Power Manager- Annual Support - 250 Nodes
VPMS-500 Visual Power Manager- Annual Support - 500 Nodes
VPMS-1000 Visual Power Manager- Annual Support - 1000 Nodes
VPMS-2500 Visual Power Manager- Annual Support - 2500 Nodes
VPMSE-10 Visual Power Manager- Annual Support Expansion - 10 Nodes
VPMSE-50 Visual Power Manager- Annual Support Expansion - 50 Nodes
VPMSE-100 Visual Power Manager- Annual Support Expansion - 100 Nodes
VPMSE-500 Visual Power Manager- Annual Support Expansion - 500 Nodes


When the power goes out for a prolonged period of time, Intelligent Power Protector facilitates automatic, graceful shutdown of computers, servers and network devices powered by an Eaton UPS, saving all work-in-progress and ensuring data integrity. This software's versatile user interface shows you detailed information about connected servers and UPSs through USB and serial or network communication. Intelligent Power Protector is available free of charge and can be downloaded from

intelligent power protectorFeatures and benefits
• Gracefully shuts down computers and servers during an extended power outage
• Easy-to-use interface from any PC with a Web browser
• Acquires UPS information through local or network communication
• Easily deployed on many computers
• Can be remotely managed, configured and updated with Intelligent Power Manager
• Compatible with VMware vCenter, Microsoft SCVMM, Red Hat KVM and Citrix XenServer

Eaton Power Xpert Software

Power Xpert Software is a comprehensive solution for system-level management of your power infrastructure via a Web-browser, from any desktop, on one screen. Power Xpert Software is designed to take the complexity out of managing your power system and provides a clear picture of what is happening at a component, device and system level. By gathering, presenting and analyzing data in detail, system-wide, Power Xpert Software provides insight into cost savings and downtime prevention.

power xpert software proPower Xpert Software Professional Edition
• Geared towards end users, with built in support for Eaton power distribution products such as switchgear, UPSs, breakers, PDUs, RPPs, meters, relays, VFDs and MCCs among others.
• Eaton products connect with the software directly via an Ethernet connection, while legacy devices use a Power Xpert Gateway to Web-enable their communications
• A subset of third-party meters and devices are supported as standard via the gateway connection
• Optional Power Xpert Reporting

Power Xpert Software Enterprise Edition
• Geared towards advanced power users, system integrators and enterprises with heterogeneous device spectrum and system developers who can take advantage of the included SNMP and Modbus integration development utilities
• Extensive support for third party devices via standard SNMP and Modbus TCP protocols
• Large variety of ready made third-party drop in drivers
• Optional Power Xpert Reporting

Eaton's Power Xpert Reporting

Eaton's Power Xpert Reporting works in conjunction with Power Xpert Software and Foreseer® allowing a view past individual measurements, trend graphs and events. It consolidates complex data from a multitude of devices from around the globe into easy-to understand graphical reports. Standard reports include: Energy Summary Report; Energy Cost Allocation Report; Power Quality Report; Branch Circuit Report; Capacity Summary Report; Event Summary Report; Joint Commission; Data Center Efficiency Report; Greenhouse Gases Report and Utilities Report.

Highlighted featurespower xpert reporting
• Helps qualify for LEED credits
• Reporting hierarchies organize device data
• Microsoft® Excel® integration for further analysis
• Web-browser access
• Connect to multiple databases simultaneously



Description Part Number Style Number
Power Xpert Software Professional Edition
Power Xpert Software Professional Edition PXS-PRO -
Power Xpert Software Professional Edition w/ 1 Day Startup PXS-PROn1S -
Power Xpert Software Professional Edition w/ 2 Day Startup PXS-PROn2S -
Power Xpert Software Professional Edition w/ 5 Day Startup PXS-PROn5S -
Power Xpert Software Professional Edition & Power Xpert Reporting PXS-PROnPXR -
Power Xpert Software Enterprise Edition
Power Xpert Software Enterprise Edition PXS-ENT -
Power Xpert Software Enterprise Edition w/ 1 Day Startup PXS-ENTn1S -
Power Xpert Software Enterprise Edition w/ 2 Day Startup PXS-ENTn2S -
Power Xpert Software Enterprise Edition w/ 5 Day Startup PXS-ENTn5S -
Power Xpert Software Enterprise Edition & Power Xpert Reporting PXS-ENTnPXR -
Description Part Number
Power Xpert Software DAT 103003780 -
Environmental Monitoring Probe 42R4317 116750224-001
Description Part Number
Power Xpert Reporting - Single Source DB Connections * PXR -
Power Xpert Reporting - up to 2 Source DB Connections * PXR-2DB -
Power Xpert Reporting - up to 5 Source DB Connections * PXR-5DB -
Power Xpert Reporting - up to 10 Source DB Connections * PXR-10DB -
Power Xpert Reporting - up to 25 Source DB Connections * PXR-25DB -
Power Xpert Reporting - up to 50 Source DB Connections * PXR-50DB -
*Number of supported Source Database Connections to either Power Xpert Software or Foreseer
Description Part Number Style Number
Intelligent Power Manager, Silver edition: support for 11–100 IP addresses - all series 66925 -
Intelligent Power Manager, Gold edition: support for unlimited IP addresses - all series 66926 -
Management-Pac 2–Network Management Systems - Pulsar series OPSFTWAR-PAC2 66923
Intelligent Power Software Suite CD: Bundled free-of-charge with Eaton UPSs (contains:  Intelligent Power Manager supervisory software, Intelligent Power Protector protection software, Personal Solution-Pac power management software for non-networked Pulsar series UPSs, LanSafe power management software) 103004871 -

* List Prices are subject to change

Eaton LanSafe Software

LanSafe software comes free of charge with Eaton's 3, 5 and 9 series UPSs to monitor UPS status and gracefully shutdown or restart the systems connected to that UPS during an extended power failure. In addition, it introduces a number of revolutionary features to simplify UPS monitoring and management.

Features and Benefitslansafe software
• Stealth mode operation
• Cost savings calculator
• Animated UPS PowerScope view
• History calendar and control room views
• Separate views for single- and three-phase UPSs
• Event history summary
• Battery replacement warning
• Power on/off scheduling via calendar
• UPS load segment (receptacle) control
• Local/remote UPS power on/off
• Automatic, graceful shut down with work in progress saving, during an extended power failure


The NetWatch Client software is designed to shut down a server or workstation under the control of a UPS being monitored and managed by a ConnectUPS Web/SNMP card, BestLink Web/SNMP adapter or an Eaton Network Management Card (NMC).

netwatchFeatures and Benefits
• Monitor the activity of a single UPS through communication with the ConnectUPS, BestLink or NMC
• Alerts users of a server or workstation whenever a power failure occurs
• During a power outage, provide automatic graceful shutdown functionality and inform clients on pending shutdown thus preparing users for the removal of AC power




Software Product Index

UPS Power Management Software
Integration Software
DC Power Control and Monitoring Software
UPS Connectivity Software
UPS Legacy Software

UPS Power Management Software
Intelligent Power Software Suite     PowerVision
Eaton’s Intelligent Power® Software Suite gives you all the tools you need to monitor and manage power devices on your network, even in a virtualized environment. Powervision Screenshot With this Windows-based software, you can proactively monitor the health and performance of UPS, power distribution, and environmental systems across the enterprise from anywhere—and enhance the reliability of the entire power protection infrastructure. Powervision Screenshot
FORESEER MultiView Software
FORESEER Enterprise Management System monitors and proactively manages enterprise-wide mission-critical infrastructure equipment. FORESEER Screen Shot Windows-based web browser for monitoring multiple Powerware UPSs via ConnectUPS Web cards and LanSafe v. 5 instances. Multiview Screenshot
LanSafe Software Suite CD
LanSafe® software delivers comprehensive support for Powerware single-phase and three-phase UPSs via serial, USB, and network connectivity options. Lansafe 5 Screenshot All the software you need for Monitoring, Analysis, Management, SNMP and Shutdown. The Software Suite is shipped with every Powerware UPS and includes both LanSafe and PowerVision (trial) Power Management Software. Software Suite CDrom

Integration Software

Powerware Extensions for IBM Director     Powerware CoreLogic™
Software Development Toolkit
As a part of the comprehensive Powerware line of power management applications, the Extensions for IBM Director UPS software considerably simplifies network-monitoring tasks. Powerware Extensions for IBM Director Screenshot Powerware CoreLogic™ offers system integrators, software developers, and original equipment manufacturers an easy, reliable, and flexible approach to integrating or embedding UPS management capabilities into their own software applications. CoreLogic Software
DC Power Control and Monitoring Software
Power Manager II     DCTools
PowerManager II software provides effective remote management for Powerware DC power systems. The intuitive, Windows®-based graphical user interface enables you to quickly ‘zoom in ’ and view concise summary information, or specific control functions, key operational data, or alarm details. Power Manager II product photo DCTools is the new configuration soft- ware for field technicians installing and maintaining DC power systems. DC Tools product photo
CellSure provides a method to report on batteries, showing where problems may occur and giving the most important information reliable battery capacity measurements in real time. CellSure product photo
UPS Connectivity Software
Powerware Netwatch Software     Modbus Profiler
Client Shutdown software for use with ConnectUPS and BestLink Web cards. Profiler is a software tool that creates a Modbus register map specifically for your Powerware UPS.
UPS Legacy Software
OnliNet® Network Power Management     CheckUPS® UPS Software
Network Power Management solutions are designed to increase productivity through the use of advanced power protection integrated directly into the network environment. The CheckUPS Software Suite is a comprehensive collection of power management and shutdown software for use with Powerware and Best®/SOLA uninterruptible power systems.


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