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 Surge Protection:


Surge Protection Devices (SPD) Type 1 & 2:

Type 1

• Commercial grade AC power protection
• Type 1 surge device for installation before or after the main service disconnect
• Convenient mounting options—universal fit to any manufacturer's equipment
• Clear, visible LED indication displaying status of the surge protector

Type 2

• AC power protection
• Universally connects to any manufacturer's loadcenter (breaker box)
• Quick connect design—easy to mount telephone and cable protection modules
• LED status indication
• This product should be connected on the load side of the loadcenter main service
disconnect through a dedicated circuit breaker (follow NEC Guidelines)


PSPD Series:

Eaton's PSPD Series surge protective devices Eaton's PSPD Series surge protective devices are thelatest and most advanced ULT 1449 3rd Edition certified surge protectors. Application of PSPD Series units throughout a facility will ensure that equipment is protected with the safest and most reliable surge protective devices available. Units are available in all common voltages and configurations, and also in a variety of surge current capacity ratings from 50 through 400 kA. Three feature package options are also available to choose from.

  • Utilizes thermally protected metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology
  • 20 kA nominal discharge current (In) rating (maximum rating assigned by UL)
  • 50 through 400 kA surge current capacity ratings
  • Three feature package options
  • Factory-sealed assembly prevents arc flash and shock hazards
  • Contains no replaceable parts or items that require periodic maintenance
  • Optional internal disconnect available
  • 200 kA short circuit current rating (SCCR)
  • 10-year warranty

PSPV 050 400D 2 K<br />Surge Rating<br />
050 = 50 kA/ phase<br />080 = 80 kA/ phase<br />100 = 100 kA/ phase<br />120 = 120  kA/ phase<br />160 = 160 kA/ phase<br />200 = 200 kA/ phase<br />
Voltage Code: See table below<br />Encloser: K = NEMA 1<br />Display: 2 = Standard  (LED/audible alarm)

PSPV Series:

Eaton's PSPV series is a commercial grade and light industrial surge protective device (SPD) that combines surge suppression components and EMI/RFI filtering, providing effective protection for sensitive electronic loads.

  • SurgePlane™ technology to ensure reliability and performance by using a low impedance copper platform
  • Compact design to enable close mounting to electrical distribution equipment
  • Parallel hybrid filter technology
  • Individually fused surge suppression components
  • Status indicator lights to monitor supply power, surge suppression component status and fusing
  • Can be remotely monitored using Form C contacts
  • Audible alarm
  • Ideal for critical sub-panels and remote power panels
  • 50 through 200 kA surge current capacity ratings
  • Contains no replaceable parts or items that require periodic maintenance
  • 10-year warranty

Data Line & Telecommunications

Data Line & Telecommunications:

Low Cost, High Current handling surge suppressors for Ethernet: coax, RS232 and all forms of data protocols and telecommunication interfaces.

Surge Strip Series Model

Surge Strip Series:

Point-of-use surge strips are designed to offer premium surge protection for specific electronics while providing innovative features to enhance user convenience and safety.


Eclipse Surge Suppressors:

The Eclipse is Ideal for all uses—computer, peripheral, stereo and video—total protection against power surges, spikes, nearby lightning strikes and line noise.

• Up to 1020 joule rating
• Master on/off switch
• Instantaneous response time
• Visual alarm(s)
• Audible alarm (except personal)
• Circuit breaker and thermal fuse protection
• 360º rotating plug (except personal)


Surge Protection

Today, we all rely more heavily than ever on sensitive electrical equipment. Modern day electronic equipment is getting faster, smaller, more efficient and very complex. These improvements have been made in all microprocessor-based equipment over the years, and this progress will continue. The tradeoff in faster speed is that equipment is becoming increasingly more susceptible to surges.

That's why surge protection is so critical. And why Eaton Electrical engineers build so much quality into our full line of Cutler-Hammer surge protection products. Whether the application involves residential homes, telecommunication facilities, hospitals, schools or heavy industrial plants, the utilization of surge protection devices provides protection against the damaging effects of lightning, utility switching, switching electric motors, and more.

At Eaton Electrical, we pride ourselves on providing the best value for the money. With a full range of innovative, reliable products, we have the right surge protection solution for any application. Each product is independently tested, and backed by the largest engineering and technical support in the industry..

TVSS (Trans-Voltage Surge Suppression) Surge protection devices are needed to protect sensitive telecommunications, HVAC, and other electrical and electronic equipment. Powerware TVSS products have a compact design that enables close mounting to electrical distribution equipment, individually fused surge suppression components, audible alarm, and are UL 1449 and UL 1283 Listed.

Hardwire Panel Mounted Surge Protection

Clipper Power System
The Cutler-Hammer Clipper Power System (CPS) family of products ensures that the quality power required to maximize productivity in today's competitive environment is supplied to all facilities
Critical Load Surge Filters Cutler-Hammer's AEGIS solutions are specifically designed to protect expensive electronics from the hazards that exist within a facility. This critical load protection is effective at reducing harmful surges and noise. Applying this high performance series power-line filter at your critical loads results in "clean" power entering the electronics and reduction of "soft" errors, operational malfunction, and damage to components.
Telephone and Communication Protection Cutler-Hammer's Datacom surge protection products are designed for all industries and applications. The wide range of products offers rugged surge protection in convenient, easy-to-install configurations.
Motor Protection - RWT Cutler-Hammer's Reflected Wave Trap (RWT) is installed at the motor terminals to eliminate system over-voltage transients. Resulting from a major research and development initiative by Cutler-Hammer, the patented RWT is ideal for drive-motor systems operating at carrier frequencies ranging from 2 kHz to 12 kHz on 208 to 480 volt systems.


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