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Telephone and Communication Protection


Cutler-Hammer's Datacom surge protection products are designed for all industries and applications. The wide range of products offers rugged surge protection in convenient, easy-to-install configurations. Exceptional performance is achieved using three-stage hybrid technology:

  • Gas tubes for shunting high energy
  • Silicon avalanche components for responsive, low let-through voltages
  • PTC resettable fuses for mitigating fault current

Our modular design enables customers to protect complete facilities or individual loads and provides cost-effective protection for all incoming data/communication lines at the service entrance. Customers save significant time and money due to our unique plug-in components and protection modules.

Lightning induced surges and other transient disturbances enter a facility by many different paths. Facilities and equipment are at risk without adequate surge protection on telephone, data, and other communication lines. Examples where surge protection is required at the service entrance include:

  • Telephone lines feeding the telephone switch, fax machines, or modems
  • Telephone extension lines between buildings (isolated loop)
  • Data communication lines (i.e. 4-20 mA signal)
  • Security lines (video cameras, cables, remote sensors)
  • Speakers and public address systems
  • Antenna cables

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