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 Eaton (Powerware) Battery Replacement: find your ups system and find the corresponding battery replacement

If you have an emergency or cannot find your UPS listed below,
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UPS Type Replace Battery Part #
3S350 LV 112-00400-00
3S550 LV 112-00401-00
3S750 LV 112-00955-00
5S550 744-A2091-00P
5S700, 5S700LCD, 5S700G, 5SC500 744-A2093-00P
5S1000LCD 744-A2165-00P
5S1500LCD, 5S1500G 744-A2166-00P
5115 500 Tower LV&HV EBP-0690
5115 750 Tower LV&HV EBP-0691
5115 1400 Tower LV&HV EBP-0693
5115 1500 Rackmount 120V BLK EBP-0892
5SC750, 5SC750G 744-A2277-00P
5SC1000 744-A2278-00P
5SC1500, 5SC1500G 744-A2279-00P
5P750, 5P850G 744-A2218-00P
5P1000 744-A2219-00P
5P1500, 5P1550G 744-A2223-00P
5P550R 744-A2217-00P
5P750R, 5P850GR 744-A2220-00P
5P1000R 744-A2221-00P
5P1500R/5P1550GR 1U Rackmount EBP-0807
5P750RC 744-A4058
5P1000RC 744-A4059
5P1500RC 744-A4060
5PX 1000/1500/1500i 2U Rackmount EBP-1001
5PX 2200 2U Rackmount EBP-1002
5PX 3000 2U Rackmount EBP-1003
5PX 3000 3U 744-A1551-00P
PW9130 700 120V Tower EBP-1601
PW9130 1000 120V Tower EBP-1602
PW9130 1500 120V Tower EBP-1603
PW9130 2000/3000 120V EBP-1604
PW9130 700/1000 EBP-1605
PW9130 1500 EBP-1606
PW9130 2000/3000 EBP-1607
PW9130 2000/3000 EBM 744-A0687-00P
PW9135 5000/6000/EBM EBP-1890
9PX700RT, 9PX1000RT 744-A3960
9PX1000GRT 744-A3296
9PXEBM36RT 744-A3959
9PX1500RT, 9PX1500GRT, 9PXEBM48RT 744-A3297
9PX2000RT, 9PX2200GRT, 9PXEBM72RT 744-A3121
9PX3000RT, 9PX3000GRT, 9PX3000GLRT 744-A3122
9PX3K3UN, 9PX5K, 9PX6K, 9PX6KG, 9PXEBM180RT, 9PXEBM360SP 744-A1974-00P
9PXEBM240RT 744-A1976-00P
9PX6KSP 744-A2517-00P
9PX8KSP, 9PX10KSP 744-A2519-00P
9PXEBM240SP 744-A2523-00P

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