Pulizzi PC975-2109-LT: 3 Phase 2U Rack Mount Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO) PDU

• 120/208V / 24A via 10/5, 15' Cable with L21-30P, (11) 5-15R, L5-30R

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PC 975 with latching remote. Main CB controls the three L5-30's (1 per switched section) and the 1pole 15amp CB's each control one 5-15 duplex per switched section. 15amp reset for un-switched 5-15 duplex. Sequence delayed remote on front. Filter & MOV's.

General Information

Part Number PC975-2109-LT
Assembly 2495
Product Type Power Distribution Units (PDU) and Accessories


Height 2U (Rack Units) [About U Height]
Depth 14 1/2 (Inches)
Mounting Adjustable - Standard Rack Mount


Volts in 120/208 VAC
Current Rating 24 A / Phase
Phase 3 - Three Phase
Cable 10/5, 15'
Plug Type L21-30P
NEMA L21-30P (Male Plug) Information:
- North American
- Twist Lock
- Three Phase WYE (3P+N+G)
- 120/208 VAC (L-N/L-L), 30A Max (24A Nominal) per phase
- Mates with L21-30 outlets
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Total Outlets 11
Outlet Type(s) 5-15R, L5-30R
NEMA 5-15R (Female Outlet) Information:
- North American
- Straight Blade
- Single Phase (1P+N+G)
- 110-125 VAC, 15A Max (12A Nominal)
- Accommodates 5-15 Plugs
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NEMA L5-30R (Female Outlet) Information:
- North American
- Twist Lock
- Single Phase (1P+N+G)
- 110-125 VAC, 30A Max (24A Nominal)
- Accommodates L5-30 Plugs
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Circuit Breaker and Control

Main CB 4P 30A
Secondary CB 1P 15A
Startup Delay Power Up
Remote Control Latch

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