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Remote Reboot Switches
Computer Peripheral Systems, Inc. (CPS)

Computer Peripheral Systems, Inc. (CPS)

Computer Peripheral Systems, Inc. (CPS) designs and manufactures several different REBOOTING and/or AC POWER CONTROL products as well as unique supporting SOFTWARE. Products include Remote Reboot Switches, Internal Reboot Cards for computers, boards for resetting ATX motherboard, rebooting the Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices, and remote control over GSM cell phone network, TCP/IP Network Reboot Switch.



Pulizzi manufactures remote reboot switches, both in band or out of band control using Ethernet, or RS-232 connections, as well as single phase and 3 phase power distribution unite (PDUs).

Server Technology

Server Technology

Server Technology has a variety of remote reboot power switches for AC power switching via in-band and out of band control. Server rack power distribution units to meet your remote power management and data center power needs.

APC American Power Conversion sells ups systems, remote reboot switches


APC designs, manufactures and markets uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and remote reboot switches for both in-band and out-of-band operations. The MasterSwitch provides system and network managers with the capability of being able to reset servers, routers, and devices that need to be rebooted. They also make computer room monitoring boards that monitor the environment by providing internal sensors for ambient temperature and humidity, and four contact closures for inputs for external alerts such as smoke, fire, water, and security.

Cybex Computer Products Corporation makes kvm switches


Avocent makes a 1U rack-mount remote reboot switch called the SPC which is a power distribution unit that delivers advanced power management and security. The SPC provides enhanced security options, including password protection, port-specific access rights and port groupings.

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