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 APC Power Distribution Products:

Switched Rack PDU

Rack Power Distribution:
Single Phase & 3 Phase Units | 1.4kW (15A) -12.5kW (50A)

Diverse rack power distribution offerings to meet the needs of entry-level networking equipment and high-density server and blade environments.


Wall-mount Transfer Switches:
1440W - 12000W

The APC Universal Transfer Switch (UTS) monitors the utility power conditions of your home or small business and safely transfers loads to TWO backup power sources when a power disturbance occurs.

InfraStruXure Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units:
5.7kVA - 300kVA

3-Phase PDUs and standardized InfraStruXure PDUs designed to increase the flexibility and agility of data center power distribution.


MGE Static Transfer Switches:
3-Phase 200-600A, 208-600V

MGE static transfer switches (STS) supply power to a range of equipment from two independent and redundant sources. Static Transfer Switches automatically transfer power to a stable alternate source in less than 4ms under normal operating conditions.


Cabinet Power Distribution:
30kW - 300kW

Power Management Modules and Remote Power Management Modules integrate isolation, electronic-grade grounding, and distribution for up 252 output breakers. Each PMM or RPMM features instant front access, a 200% rated neutral bus, a spacious raceway and landing area, and top or bottom cable entry.

Cord Connected Power Distribution Units (CCPDUs):

These CCPDUs plug into one of the outlets on the Matrix standard back panel to provide for a variety of outlet configurations.

Step-Down Transformer

Power Transformers:
200V/100V and 208/120V

Standardized step-down transformers designed to convert high voltage output to low voltage output.

Power Cords

Power Cords:
2ft (0.6m) - 15ft (4.6m), IEC & NEMA, Pin & Sleeve

A large selection of Rack PDU power cords including input power, adapter, and jumper power cords fulfill a variety of power requirements. New locking IEC power cords feature a patented, easy to use, cord retention method for added security when used with AP8000 series Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs).

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