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This product is now discontinued,
Please Contact Bomara for any additional service, support & battery replacement.

Protects Your Valuable Equipment
Best 610 UPSs provides protection against the effects of spikes, sags, surges, noise, lightning and power outages.

On-Line, High-Frequency Double-Conversion Technology
Utilizes NEW “on-line,” high-frequency double-conversion technology, which outputs true, uninterrupted sine-wave power from the inverter, so connected equipment receives smooth, clean power.

On-Line Reliability
Every Best 610 UPS performs extensive operating diagnostics upon Start-up, ensuring a high level of reliability.

Easy To Operate
One-button operation makes control easy in all models. Mimic flow diagram on front panel shows the energy flow through the UPS to protected loads, making performance of the unit easy to interpret.

Input Power Factor Correction
An input power factor correction circuit prevents harmful harmonics from affecting other connected loads within the building.

External Battery Connector/Battery Packs
An external battery connector* provides simple plug-in runtime expansion through battery pack additions.
*Except 700VA model

Space-saving Efficiency
Highly efficient output results in a compact design with reduced footprint, weight and dimensions.

NEW BestLink™ SNMP/WEB Adapter
Best 610 UPSs are compatible with optional BestLink™ SNMP/WEB Adapter (internal version), which provides both SNMP or HTTP compatibility between a Best Power UPS and an Ethernet LAN/WAN, allowing for easy monitoring, management, and safe shutdown of remote UPS-protected servers, routers, and hubs.

Enhanced Communication with Free Software
Best Power includes the latest version of CheckUPS II Power Management Software Suite and connecting cable FREE with every Best 610 UPS, which provides a complete power protection solution compatible with most major operating systems.

Superior Two-Year Warranty
Best 610 is covered by our two-year limited warranty against factory or workmanship defects. We up the ante with our “Double Lifetime” limited warranty* that repairs or replaces your Best 610 if damaged by lightning, and covers up to US$25,000 for damage to connected equipment. Call the factory for details on these limited warranties.

*U.S. and Canada only.



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Best 610 230V

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