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This product is now discontinued,
Please Contact Bomara for any additional service, support & battery replacement.

The latest-generation Patriot Pro II UPS (400VA to 1000VA) offers a complete, "out-of-the-box" power management solution, designed for easy installation, low maintenance and reliable power protection against spikes, sags, surges, noise, lightning and outages. Patriot Pro II provides Windows Plug and Play compatibility and includes surge protection for a single-line phone circuit or 10Base-T network cable to prevent damage to your modem, network card, and computer. These models also feature BestSelect™, Best Power’s user-selectable buck and boost settings that allow you to customize maximum and minimum voltage settings, as well as nominal voltages to your application’s specific requirements.

Protect Internet Connections from Lightning and Surges

Patriot Pro II is Internet-, fax-, and network-ready, incorporating telephone/ 10Base-T network surge suppression to protect computers connected to the Internet via a modem, while safeguarding the network via Ethernet 10Base-T from dangerous lightning and "backdoor" surges.

Maximize Uptime with Advanced Voltage Regulation
Best Power PowerSteady™ buck and boost voltage regulation automatically corrects the voltage to meet CBEMA requirements, allowing you to ride out under- and overvoltages without draining the batteries, which are then available when truly needed during blackouts.

NEW Temperature-Compensated Battery Charger
Patriot Pro II’s new charger is specifically designed to extend battery life by monitoring and charging the batteries as recommended by battery manufacturers.


NEW Tested to Electrical Requirements of UL 1449
Patriot Pro II is tested to meet the electrical requirements of UL 1449 for protection from surges and hazardous ground leakage currents.

Maintain Full Manageability and Control of the System
Patriot Pro II offers the complete power protection solution, with FREE CheckUPS II Suite v3.x power management software and connecting cable compatible with most major operating systems—a $99 value. CheckUPS II helps you monitor, diagnose, and react more effectively to power line events with a graphic display on your computer screen. And in the event of a prolonged power loss, CheckUPS II provides automatic, unattended shutdown, saving your valuable data. In addition, new, easy-to-read LEDs and audible alarms keep you well-informed of current power environment, UPS load, remaining battery charge and other critical monitored functions.

Experience Easy Installation and Service
Patriot Pro II features Windows Plug and Play compatibility for easy installation. Plus, the Patriot Pro II Replace Battery alert and hot-swappable, user-replaceable batteries allow easy maintenance, minimizing your service costs.

Rest Assured with Unsurpassed Warranties
Patriot Pro II is covered by our two-year limited warranty against factory or workmanship defects; plus our limited "Double Lifetime" warranty that factory-repairs your Patriot Pro II if damaged by lightning, and covers up to US$25,000 for damage to connected equipment resulting from a spike or surge.* Call the factory about these limited warranties.

*U.S. and Canada only



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Patriot Pro II 230V

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