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 GarrettCom +125VDC Switches & Routers:

Designed for power substations, water treatment plants, and hardened applications requiring +125VDC

Dual-source power supply option is available with most Magnum products. When one DC input is present, the switch or hub will receive power if the other DC input is absent, or even if it is connected with reverse polarity or shorted or grounded. Reverse polarity connections, if they should accidentally occur on either input, will not damage the unit or the power supply internally (nor it will blow the fuse in the internal power supply) because of the blocking action of the diodes. This is true even if one input connection is reversed while the unit is operating from the other source.

The Magnum product line offers products with 125 VDC power source, ideal for industrial applications such as in power and utility substations. Magnum products which currently can be configured with 125 Volt DC power source include:

DYMEC Products for the Substations

GarrettCom Utility Networks provides electrical substation-hardened networking products encompassing Magnum™ industrial Ethernet switches, DYMEC Links and Optical Stars and DynaStar™ substation-hardened routers and terminal servers


Magnum 12KX

Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch and Router


Magnum 10KT Managed Ethernet Switch without Thermal Fin

Magnum 10KT Managed Ethernet Switch with Thermal Fin

Both are layer 3 Switches, Routers and Terminal Server.


6K Family Managed Switches

The 6K family of Managed Layer 1 & 2 Switches is ideal for both Telecom and industrial Ethernet applications. The switches are designed to accommodate most applications from office and wiring closet, factory floor, to outdoors. The 6K family features fiber rich and modular Switches that can be configured with AC or DC power. Wide selection of port modules makes the 6K line of switches very flexible.

The 6K switches can be mounted on a rack or DIN-Rail and can serve applications that require small port count or high-port density in a 1U package

6K Family Managed Switch 48 VDC

Smaller Ethernet Switches

Rugged Industrial managed Ethernet Layer 2 Switches both fiber & copper 10/100 and Gigabit speeds, AC & DC voltages. Indoor & Outdoor use.


DX Series Routers

Rugged, Hardened, Industrial Routers Ideal for Substation and Outdoor use.

DX Series Industrial Router

4k Family Unmanaged Switches

Magnum 4K24 10/100Mb Switch

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