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 GarrettCom -48VDC Ethernet Switches, Routers, and Media Converters:

The Magnum line includes an extensive range of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet products that may be configured with an internal or external 48 Volt DC power supply (48 VDC). Both dual-source 48 VDC and dual-power supplies are available in some units. NEBS Certified and Compliant Products. Magnum products which currently can be configured with -48 Volt DC power source include:


The following products have the 48VDC option and/or have the PoE option

Magnum 12KX

Substation-Hardened with IEEE 1588 Timing has Gigabit Layer 2 or 3 Managed Ethernet Switch with non-blocking switching fabric performance also with PoE modules.


Magnum 10KT Managed Ethernet Switch without Thermal Fin

Magnum 10KT Managed Ethernet Switch with Thermal Fin

The Magnum 10KT Switch provides rack-mount space efficiency and advanced port configurability for heavy duty industrial applications where maximum fiber port count and diversity are required. New advanced thermal design techniques (patent pending) enable the 10KT to deliver high reliability and configurability even at extended operating temperatures. Special rack-mount cooling features include Thermal Fins for extra heat dissipation and internal heat transfer techniques that use the case as a heat sink. Cooler operation of internal electronic components leads to longer life-time and increased reliability.


6K Family Managed Switches

The 6K family of Managed Switches is ideal for both Telecom and industrial Ethernet applications. The switches are designed to accommodate most applications from office and wiring closet, factory floor, to outdoors. The 6K family features fiber rich and modular Switches that can be configured with AC or DC power. Wide selection of port modules makes the 6K line of switches very flexible.

The 6K switches can be mounted on a rack or DIN-Rail and can serve applications that require small port count or high-port density in a 1U package also with PoE Modules.

6K Family Managed Switch 48 VDC

Smaller Ethernet Switches

Rugged Industrial managed Ethernet Switches both fiber & copper 10/100 and Gigabit speeds, AC & DC voltages. Indoor & Outdoor use also with PoE modules.


DX Series Industrial Routers

DX Series Industrial Router

PS14P Power Over Ethernet Switches

The PS14P PoE Power Source Convenient Switch combines standard 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) with a small heavy-duty 4-port Switch.

PS14P Power Over Ethernet Switch

ES Family Edge Switches (PoE option)

ES42 Rugged Edge Switch

Converter Switches

The wide selection of the Converter Switch products make edge-of-the-network connectivity for industrial devices (PLCs, IEDs, sensors, plant computers) easier, more reliable, and less expensive. 


FT14 and FT14H Media Converters


Products with an external 48VDC option:

4k Family Unmanaged Switches

Magnum 4K24 10/100Mb Switch

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