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 GarrettCom Converter Switch Family: Combine a Media Converter with a small Ethernet Switch and you get a Converter Switch.


Office and
 Wiring Closet

for Factory Floor
for Outdoors



Magnum Converter Ethernet Switch models support three applications environments. The wide selection of the Converter Switch products make edge-of-the-network connectivity for industrial devices (PLCs, IEDs, sensors, plant computers) easier, more reliable, and less expensive. 

The Converter Switch family includes:            (click on pictures to enlarge them)

Magnum CS14 Converter Switch™

Combines 100 Mb fiber Media Converter and 10/100 Ethernet switch into one unit

cs14o_small      cs14h_small     cs14p_small

Magnum CSN14 Converter Switch

Provides one 10 Mb fiber port and two (2) 10/100 copper switch ports

csn14o_small    csn14h_small   csn14p_small

Magnum CSG14 Gigabit Converter Switch

Combines Gb fiber Media Converter and 10/100 Ethernet switch into one unit

 csg14-1     csg14-2   csg14-3

Magnum CSG14U Converter Switch

Provides two SFP open transceiver fiber switch ports and one 10/100/1000 Mb copper switch port.


Magnum S14 Convenient Switch

4-port Ethernet switch (3 in front, one in rear)

 s14o_small     s14h_small   s14p_small

Magnum PS14P Convenient Switch

Four PoE ports in a small heavy-duty hardened Ethernet switch



Magnum Converter Switches and Media Converter Comparison:

How are the new Magnum Converter Switches better than Media Converters? 
     The Converter Switches:

  • Provide applications flexibility by having 2 RJ-45 ports rather than just one
  • Perform copper-to-fiber conversion; also have 10/100 flexibility on copper ports
  • Have RJ-45 auto-cross negotiation rather than an up-link switch for crossover
  • Handle standard media distances on all connected media segments
  • Come in models for three application environments (office, factory floor, and outdoors), whereas media converters come in regular and hardened
  • Have AC power supply options for outdoor temperature ratings. Outdoor-rated Magnum media converters have DC only power.
  • Have better price-to-value ratio than media converters. Often, they cost same or less than Magnum media converters.

How are the new Magnum Converter Switches same as Media Converters? 

     The Converter Switches:

  • Have same compact package, size, and shape
  • Support all fiber port types, 100 Mb and 10 Mb
  • Can be mounted on DIN-rail; same brackets used for both
  • Can be mounted on a rack on a MC14-TRAY
  • Dual LEDs for status monitoring from all directions
  • DC models have integral DC power terminal blocks
  • Models are available for extended (hot and cold) temperature operation
  • For Media Converters, 14E 100 Mb Fiber, FT14 10 Mb Fiber, TB14 BNC click here

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