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 GarrettCom Magnum MNS-DX Network Software: Managed Software for Magnum Family of  DX Routers & Serial Device Servers


Made for the following: DX40, DX940, DX1000-IR, DX1000-TS, 10XTS

MNS-DX is the operating software common to all Magnum DX products. MNS-DX provides the functionality needed by industrial routers. A full range of routing software along with security and redundancy features enable the Magnum DX routers to perform efficiently in harsh industrial environments. MNS-DX includes features needed to connect a variety of different devices and interface types to a routed network. �For extra security, MNS-DX-SECURE is available.

More specific MNS-DX features include:

 adds extra security features such as IPSecVPNfirewallencryption and authentication  needed for industrial cyber security. Extra Security features are unlocked via a licensed software key. IP firewall includes address/port inspection/filtering. VPN connectivity over IPSec with strong industry standard encryption with shared keys (PSK) and X.509 certificates provide robust secure access. VPN’s comply to IPSec standards and have proven interoperability with industry standard VPN devices. MNS-DX-SECURE also includes TACACS+ (Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus). Management security includes encrypted interfaces multilevel userIDs with strong-form passwords and authentication via RADIUS. Serial data is encrypted using Serial SSL capabilities included in MNS-DX-SECURE.

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