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DynaStar Ethernet Switching

The GarrettCom Utility Networks family of Ethernet Switch Systems (ESS) provides high performance data connectivity in harsh environments where general-purpose commercial products would fail. The ESS is purpose built for the rigors of power utility substations, designed to meet C37.90 and IEEE 1613 standards for industrial product hardening. The ESS is also ideal for carrier central offices, intelligent transportation systems, water treatment, pipeline and other industrial applications where reliability is required under challenging conditions.

Ethernet Switch Systems extends Ethernet networking into harsh environments reliably and simply. ESS hardware design protects against electrical surge, EMI, extreme temperature variations and other environmental challenges. ESS software features provide the security, class of service and network management capabilities needed to assure application performance.

Ethernet Switch Systems are available in 8, 16 or 24 port 10/100 Ethernet configurations with optional single or dual gigabit Ethernet ports. Each system may be configured with copper, multi-mode fiber, single-mode fiber or a combination of interfaces.

Operators may deploy ESS in either managed or unmanaged configurations. The ESS may be incorporated as a module in a DynaStar Network Integration System, integrating routing, switching, terminal server and multi-protocol access concentration in a single product. ESS also inter-operate directly with DYMEC Ethernet-over-Fiber Link products to provide further access extension and electrical isolation in harsh environments.

• High performance connectivity with 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet
• Flexible configurations of 8, 16 and 24 ports and a mix of copper and fiber interfaces
• Substation hardened: designed to IEEE 1613 and IEC 61850-3 specifications
• Traffic prioritization and multiple classes of service to ensure critical applications performance
• Security via VLAN and access screening to segregate applications, users and ports as appropriate
• High network availability using Rapid Spanning Tree protocols for dynamic reconfiguration
• Integrated IP router and DHCP server features
• Both unmanaged or managed operations modes. Managed mode includes remote SNMP, Telnet and port monitoring capabilities

DynaStar Industrial Frame Routers  
DynaStar DS2000-IFR
DS2000-IFR uses the same operating software of the DS1500-IFR but provides twice the interface capacity for Ethernet and serial data devices, including dual Gb Ethernet and dual WAN.
DynaStar DS1500-IFR
In a single product, the DS1500-IFR integrates five often discrete networking functions: Terminal Server (Async serial device support), Ethernet switch, IP Router, Frame Relay Access Device, and DSU/CSU.
NIS (Network Integration Systems)  
DynaStar Network Integration Systems (NIS)
The DynaStar NIS connects distributed sites to corporate or carrier network services with IP, Frame Relay, X.25, TDM and extended Ethernet interfaces. Advanced QoS and Virtual Private Networks.


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