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This product is now discontinued, please contact Bomara for additional support or view the replacement model Magnum RX

DynaStar DS2000-IFR

The newest addition to GarrettCom Utility Networks' family of substation-hardened networking products is the DynaStar 2000 Industrial Frame Router (DS2000-IFR), a purpose-built data networking platform that extends monitoring, control and automation networks to large power substation environments. A “Hardened” product, the DS2000-IFR provides a robust and reliable alternative to non-hardened commercial switches, routers, terminal servers and related network access equipment.

DS2000-IFR detailed information and technical specs

The DS2000-IFR combines local area network consolidation and high speed Ethernet switching with integrated access to wide area networks (WANs). WAN options include IP-routed intranets and frame relay transport networks, including providing an integral DDS or T1/E1 CSU/DSU for connection to wireline carrier services. The DS2000-IFR builds upon the same DynaStar operating software as the recently announced DS1500-IFR and DS1500-ETS (Ethernet Terminal Server), but provides twice the interface capacity for Ethernet and serial data devices, including dual Gigabit Ethernet and dual WAN (DDS or T1 frame relay ports).


DynaStar DS1500-IFR

The DynaStar 1500 Industrial Frame Router (DS1500-IFR) is a multi-function, multi-protocol networking platform purpose-built for distributed industrial applications such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

In a single product, the DS1500-IFR integrates five often discrete networking functions: Terminal Server (Async serial device support), Ethernet switch (local switching and router access), IP Router, Frame Relay Access Device (for IP or Direct-to-Frame serial traffic), and DSU/CSU (electrical and physical interface to the Wide Area Network (WAN)).

DS1500-IFR detailed information, technical specs, and configuration guide

With support for a wide range of Ethernet and serial (both bit- and byte-oriented) devices, the DS1500-IFR consolidates data connections from RTUs, PLCs, IEDs, HMI PCs and other digital data devices and enables multiple generations of equipment to share a common networking infrastructure. Optimized for wireline frame relay services, the DS1500-IFR can converge all traffic onto an IP-based routed network or provide end-to-end Virtual Private Line services that guarantee priority, performance and security for specific devices and applications.

Power utilities are moving aggressively to build more secure, reliable and cost effective transmission and distribution systems, and data networking is at the core of these initiatives. The DynaStar IFR products provide an all-in-one solution to the unique physical and functional requirements of substation networks.

A key DynaStar capability is simultaneous support for both an IP convergence strategy and transport of native-mode SCADA communications (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). With IP convergence, the DynaStar network integrates all substation applications over a secure IP routed infrastructure. Alternatively, DynaStar transports native-mode SCADA protocols directly over frame relay without use of “routable protocols” that are restricted by recent substation security guidelines.

The DS2000-IFR and DS1500-IFR meet IEEE 1613 specifications for electromagnetic interference, temperature and electrical surges, providing a reliable alternative to commercial-grade devices in harsh environments like substations, pumping stations, treatment plants and transportation systems. They consolidate connections from a number of industrial devices having differing communications interfaces, including bit- or byte-oriented Async serial connections and IP-oriented Ethernet connections. By supporting a wide range of communications interfaces and multiple encapsulation options, the DS-2000-IFR and DS1500-IFR flexibly and cost effectively consolidates multiple generations of remote devices and support systems onto a single integrated network infrastructure as part of an IP convergence strategy.

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