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The products on this page are now discontinued,
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Magnum 3000X Stackable Mixed-Media Concentrator

The Magnum 3000X Mixed-Media Concentrators have 12 slots plus a bonus slot, each supporting a configurable port module. 3000X Concentrators can be used stand-alone or incorporated into stacks with managed or unmanaged Magnum 3000 Hubs. The 12 front port modules permit any combination of media using Repeater Port Modules (RPMs) or Bridge Port Modules (BPMs). The inter-repeater bus in the rear efficiently connects Magnum 3000 hubs and concentrator stacks.

3000X Concentrator

200X Two-Port Mixed-Media Ethernet Repeaters

Magnum Two-Port Repeaters expand Ethernet networks when media distance limits are exceeded, or when different media types must be interconnected. All standard Ethernet media types and media type combinations are supported. The internal power supply of the 200X is auto-ranging. Supports virtually any media type.

Magnum 200X Two-Port Repeaters

700X Fiber and Copper Ethernet Mini-Concentrator

The Magnum 700X Mini-Concentrator supports 7 slots, each supporting one port module. The front-mounted port modules permit any combination of media using Repeater Port Modules (RPMs), or a Bridge Port Module (BPM). The Magnum 700X operates as a single logical repeater and provides full repeater functionality on all RPM ports. The flexibility is ideal for handling changes in legacy networks. The compact, modular unit can be easily mounted in a wiring cabinet, or on a shelf or table-top.

The Magnum 700X-B Mini-Concentrator supports one fixed RJ-45 slot and can support up to six bridge modules in any media type. The 700X Series is perfect for networks that have sections with a lot of intra-workgroup traffic.

700X Fiber and Copper Ethernet Mini-Concentrator

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