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 GarrettCom Network Integration Systems (NIS):

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GarrettCom Utility Networks' DynaStar Network Integration Systems (NIS) provide a comprehensive solution for distributed industrial networking. The DynaStar combination of Ethernet switching, routing and legacy protocol support in a modular, hardened platform is ideal for SCADA, carrier OSS, point-of-sale and other industrial applications throughout utilities, carriers, transportation and other challenging environments. 

The DynaStar NIS connects distributed sites to corporate or carrier network services with IP, Frame Relay, X.25, TDM and extended Ethernet interfaces. Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs and VLANs) assure application specific performance and security.

DynaStar integrates LAN/WAN switching, access routing, terminal server and legacy protocol mediation, including industry specific interfaces such as TL1, VISA, PMS91, BX.25 and contact alarms.

The DynaStar NIS is available in several physical and functional configurations and is compliant with IEEE C37.90 for utilities and NEBS level-3 for carriers. The DynaStar provides a simple, modular and expandable solution across a wide range of distributed application requirements.


Key Features

• Legacy protocol mediation
• VPN and VLAN
• Traffic Prioritization
• IEEE 1613 and NEBS certification

Networking Functions

• Async Terminal Server
• Ethernet Switch
• IP Access Router
• Frame Relay Access Device (FRAD)
• X.25 PAD / Switch
• Terminal Server
• Protocol Mediation Platform

Physical Interfaces

• Serial data to T1/E1
• 10/100 Ethernet copper and fiber
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Integral DSU/CSU
• Contact closure

Major Applications

• SCADA networks
• Substation automation
• Carrier OSS
• Industrial LAN/WAN

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