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Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology describes any system that transmits electrical power, in addition to data, to remote devices over standard twisted-pair wire in an Ethernet network. This technology is useful for powering network devices where it would be inconvenient or infeasible to supply power separately. Such devices include IP telephones, wireless LAN access points, IP cameras, IP sensors and instruments in industry, IP radios, digital clocks, and more. The technology is comparable to POTS telephones, which also receive power and data (although analog) through the same cable.

PoE works without requiring modification to the existing Ethernet copper cabling infrastructure. Power over Ethernet is standardized in IEEE 802.3af.  The IEEE 802.3af-compliant power sources supply -48 volts DC to devices at a maximum current of 350 mA. This allows devices to draw up to 15.4 watts.

A twisted-pair Ethernet cable contains four pairs of wires. The Ethernet RJ-45 10/100Mb twisted-pair cable standard uses two of these pairs for data. The 802.3af standard allows power transmission over the two unused pairs, or the two data pairs. To prevent damage to devices that don't accept power over Ethernet, an 802.3af power source won't begin sending power until a remote device acknowledges that it can accept power.


Magnum 12KX

Substation-Hardened with IEEE 1588 Timing has Gigabit Layer 2 or 3 Managed Ethernet Switch with non-blocking switching fabric performance also with PoE modules.


6K Family Managed Switches

The 6K family of Managed Switches is ideal for both Telecom and industrial Ethernet applications. The switches are designed to accommodate most applications from office and wiring closet, factory floor, to outdoors. The 6K family features fiber rich and modular Switches that can be configured with AC or DC power. Wide selection of port modules makes the 6K line of switches very flexible.

The 6K switches can be mounted on a rack or DIN-Rail and can serve applications that require small port count or high-port density in a 1U package

6K Family Managed Switch 48 VDC

PS14P Power Over Ethernet Switches

The PS14P PoE Power Source Convenient Switch combines standard 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) with a small heavy-duty 4-port Switch.


PS14P Power Over Ethernet Switch

ES Family Edge Switches

Rugged Unmanaged Edge Switches, Industrial Factory Floor Products


ES42 Rugged Edge Switch

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