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 GarrettCom Rugged Industrial Router Series: Terminal Servers and configurable Routers Ideal for Substations

Serves as both an IP Router & firewall; Configurable WAN ports, Ethernet ports & serial ports; Advanced cyber security capabilities, with stateful IP firewall & NAT/PAT, IPsec and VPN support.

5-Series Routers:

Magnum 5RX

GarrettCom Magnum 5RX Fixed Configuration Security Router offers a cost-efficient, two-in-one solution for industrial energy and utility application. The Magnum 5RX Security Router is a mid-level, industrial-grade security Router serving the power generation, transmission and distribution markets by delivering an efficient edge-of-network solution.

GarrettCom Magnum 5RX

10-Series Routers

Magnum 10RX

The Magnum 10RX Configurable Router and Security Appliance offers advanced layer 3 networking protocols, firewall, and secure virtual private networking for heavy duty industrial applications where high performance and security are required.


Magnum 10XTS

Magnum 10XTS Router Terminal Server offers T1/E1 routing as well as advanced serial and Ethernet port configurability for heavy duty industrial applications where maximum port count and diversity are required.


DX Series Industrial Routers: Family of Rugged Industrial Layer 3 switches for harsh Environments

Magnum DX40 Serial Device Router

Combines features of a Serial Device Server, Ethernet Switch and IP Router in a single product; industrial firewall appliance; offers two Ethernet and two serial ports;


Magnum DX940e Configurable Industrial Cellular Router

DX940e base unit with configurable four 1000Mb or 100Mb SFP Ethernet or 10/100/1000 RJ45 ports. Other additions: 4 serial, 2 gigabit fiber/copper, choice of two WAN access ports (4G/LTE Cellular, T1/E1, DDS WAN). Includes IP routing, Ethernet switching and secure management. MNS-DX software license included. Panel, DIN-RAIL or Rack mounting options and conformal coating is also available.


Magnum DX940 Configurable Industrial Cellular Router

High speed data access over cellular communications is a new choice for reaching the local networks in remote industrial facilities. This cellular technology is used to transfer data in the Magnum DX940 Industrial Router.


Magnum Network Software – DX

Secure management software


Magnum DX1000-IR Industrial Router

Serves as both an IP Router and a firewall; up to 2 WAN ports, 5 Ethernet ports and 12 serial ports; Advanced cyber security capabilities, including stateful IP firewall with NAT/PAT, IPsec and VPN support


Magnum DX1000-TS Terminal Server

The Magnum DX1000 Terminal Server network-enables serial devices and remote console ports in power utility substations, transportation systems and other rugged environments. SCADA, remote device access, physical surveillance, metering and other applications using serial protocols can be integrated with IP/Ethernet networks.

GarrettCom Magnum DX1000 Industrial Router

Magnum DX900 Industrial Router

Combines features of a Serial Device Server, Ethernet Switch and IP Router in a single product; industrial firewall appliance; offers 4 Ethernet, 4 serial and 1 WAN (DDS, T1/E1)


Magnum DX800 Serial Device Router

Combines features of a Serial Device Server, Ethernet Switch and IP Router in a single product; industrial firewall appliance;offers 4 Ethernet and 4 serial ports.


DynaStar Industrial Frame Routers:

DynaStar DS2000-IFR

The DS2000-IFR combines local area network consolidation and high speed Ethernet switching with integrated access to wide area networks (WANs). WAN options include IP-routed intranets and frame relay transport networks, including providing an integral DDS or T1/E1 CSU/DSU for connection to wireline carrier services. The DS2000-IFR builds upon the same DynaStar operating software as the recently announced DS1500-IFR and DS1500-ETS (Ethernet Terminal Server), but provides twice the interface capacity for Ethernet and serial data devices, including dual Gigabit Ethernet and dual WAN (DDS or T1 frame relay ports).

DynaStar DS1500-IFR

In a single product, the DS1500-IFR integrates five often discrete networking functions: Terminal Server (Async serial device support), Ethernet switch (local switching and Router access), IP Router, Frame Relay Access Device (for IP or Direct-to-Frame serial traffic), and DSU/CSU (electrical and physical interface to the Wide Area Network (WAN)).

NIS (Network Integration Systems):

DynaStar Network Integration Systems (NIS)

GarrettCom Utility Networks' DynaStar Network Integration Systems (NIS) provide a comprehensive solution for distributed industrial networking. The DynaStar combination of Ethernet switching, routing and legacy protocol support in a modular, hardened platform is ideal for SCADA, carrier OSS, point-of-sale and other industrial applications throughout utilities, carriers, transportation and other challenging environments. 

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