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Substation Computing Platform

The newest addition to GarrettCom Utility Networks' family of substation-hardened products is the Substation Computing Platform (SCP). GarrettCom Utility Networks' Substation Computing Platform allows you to run your mission critical industrial and process control software applications in harsh environments characterized by extreme temperatures, surges, and fast transients. The Substation Computing Platform gives you the flexibility to run either Windows® XP Embedded, Windows® CE, or Linux® operating systems. The SCP meets IEEE 1613 specifications for electromagnetic interference, temperature and electrical surges, providing a reliable alternative to commercial-grade devices in harsh environments like substations, pumping stations, treatment plants and transportation systems.

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The Substation Computing Platform runs Windows® or Linux® based third-party substation automation applications. These can provide protocol conversion and addressing for proprietary IED interfaces. The applications also provide advanced automation functions including data processing and support for the HMI. Able to run third-party advanced substation data concentrator and communication server software, GarrettCom Utility Networks' Substation Computing Platform can provide data concentration, protocol translation, and enterprise connectivity without burdening existing SCADA/EMS systems. The SCP is a platform for software providing utilities with access to all data (operational and non-operational) generated by a modern, IED-based substations. The resulting information flow to Planning, Engineering, Maintenance, and Protection departments allows the creation of more efficient and reliable Transmission or Distribution systems.



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