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  C2WG36VY-8FKE2SF9 3 Phase Wye, Switched POPS/PIPS PDU, 0U, 415V, 23.0kW, IEC 60309 Input, (30) C13 & (6) C19 Output

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(Link) The Server Technology® PRO2 Switched POPS PDU provides control of outlet power and local LED input current monitoring, allowing IT personnel to determine safe levels of loading on a per-phase basis while installing equipment into the rack/cabinet

  • Tech Specs

Technical Specifications for the C2WG36VY-8FKE2SF9:

Input Voltage: 415V
Input Plug: 240/415V Wye 60A IEC 60309 3P+N+G 6Hr
Input Current: 32A
Input Current Rated: 32A
Input Power Capacity: 23.0kW
(30) x IEC 60320/C13 North American Rating: ≤ 12A @240V L-N (15A Peak)
(6) x IEC 60320/C19 North American Rating: ≤ 16A @240V L-N (20A Peak)
Input Measurement Accuracy
Energy = ± 1% at 0.1 kilowatt-hour resolution
Output Measurement Accuracy
GUI Current = ± 1% at 0.01 amp resolution (above 0.15 amp)
Voltage = ± 1% at 0.1 volt resolution (nominal ± 10%)
Active Power = ± 1% at 1 watt resolution
Apparent Power = ± 1% at 1 volt-amp resolution
Power Factor = ± 3% at 0.01 resolution
Crest Factor = ± 10% at 0.1 resolution
Energy = ± 1% at 1 watt-hour resolution
Branch Measurement Accuracy
Current = ± 3% at 0.01 amp resolution (above 0.5 amp)
Optional Accessories
EMTH-1-1 Combination Temperature/Humidity Probe, 10ft (3m)
EMCU-1-1B Environmental Monitor adding:
- Two (2) EMTH-1-1 temperature/humidity ports (one probe included)
- One (1) EMWS-1-1 water sensor port (probe sold separately)
- Four (4) dry contact (NO/NC) monitoring points
- One (1) 8-bit analog-to-digital converter (0 to 5VDC)
KIT-PRO2LINK-01M or -01D provides ability to link (2) additional PRO2 units
KIT-SUS-01 StartUp StickTM for rapid configurationMounting Brackets
- Buttons (KIT-0020) included for tool-less mounting (see diagram)
- See the Mounting Bracket Guide for further suggestions
- Custom mounting options available. Contact your local Server Technology representative
Cable Retention Devices for non-locking cords
- EZip
- Cable Sleeve


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