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Model 9020 - Fractional T1 DSU/CSU

***This item is legacy, please contact us for additional information, used, reconditioned or replacement products are often available***


  • AMI/B8ZS
  • D4/ESF Framing
  • V.35 and RS-232 Interfaces
  • 34 and 25 Pin Connectors
  • Synchronous
  • Command Port
  • Point-to-Point


Product Description

The Model 9020 is a high performance CSU/DSU used to connect data terminal to the T1 or fractional T1 RS-485 total network. The Model 9020 performs all Bell compatible encoding, decoding, timing and diagnostic responses.

The Model 9020 provides access to the Internet or just connecting to the T1 digital network. Simplicity is the game and the 9020 contains both the RS-232 and V.35 interfaces and connectors. You will be equipped to interface with any DTE. Both interfaces provide full 1.544MBPS speed without performance degradation. Both interfaces support control signals for Point-to-Point applications. The transparent synchronous port allows you to connect any device with V.35 or RS-232 interfaces without the worry of format compatibility.

Configuration is accomplished using rear mounted dip switches or the command port. The command port uses any asynchronous terminal or PC with terminal communication software. The async speed is set automatically. Programming the command port is both simple and complete. Extensive capability has been designed into the command port structure, including the selection of the desired channels of the T1 data stream.

The Model 9020 provides plug and play installation. A simple manual allows instant startup. Easy to use diagnostics help resolve any problems quickly. LED’s monitor IN Service, errors and data. Test Modes include Self Test, Digital Loop and Local Loop.

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