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Interface Converters

Interface Converters:
Units may be non-powered, power stealing, full duplex, rack mounted, multimode, single mode, optically isolated and more
Interface Converters using Opto Isolators

Interface Converters using Opto Isolators:
provide protection from ground loops, high voltage and noise
Fiber Optics Products

Fiber Optics Products:
includes fiber optic cables, transceivers, multiplexers, converters, and line drivers
Short Haul Modems

Short Haul Modems:
protocols that include ASYNC, SYNC, HDSL and T1/E1
Ethernet Media Converters

Ethernet Media Converters:
10Base-T/100Base-T Ethernet signals are converted for transmission over fiber optic cables
Lightning/Surge Protection

Lightning/Surge Protection:
Includes products designed to accommodate transients, slow them down and redirect them to a low impedance path-to-earth ground
T1/E1 Products

T1/E1 Products:
T1 line is a 1.544 Mbps point-to-point dedicated, digital circuit while E1 is the European counterpart to the T1 line

employ techniques that allow a number of simultaneous transmissions over a single circuit
Din Rail Mounted Products

Din Rail Mounted Products:
includes surge suppressors, short haul modems/line drivers, fiber optic line drivers, interface converters, fiber optic transceivers, isolators, media converters and more

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Technical References

Technical References:
Interface Pinouts for RS-232 DB25, RS-232 DB9, RS-422, RS-449, AUI Interface, V.35, Parallel Printer, Parallel PC, EIA-449, PC Monochrome, PC Color, PS/2 VGA, EIA-530, and ASCII Chart
Application Notes

Application Notes:
Lightning Protection, Hospital Applications, Semi Conductor Fab Application, Supermarket Data Communications Network

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