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Lightning / Surge Protection

Lightning/Surge Protection

High-voltage transients (power surges) caused by lightning or other electrical disturbances have the ability to cause serious damage to equipment and valuable data. Telebyte's line of Lightning/Surge Protectors includes products designed to accommodate these transients, slow them down and redirect them to a low impedance path-to-earth ground. Check out our Lightning Sponges for line drivers/modems and telephone lines, Ethernet surge suppression cards and more! Interfaces for RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485.


L/S Chart Lightning and Surge Protector Selection Charts
Model 22 RS-232 Lightning/Surge Protector Triple Stage Protection - 4 lines
Model 29 DB9 Lightning / Surge Suppressor - 9 lines, PC Compatible

RS-422 & RS-485
Model 22NX Lightning Sponge® - RS-422 and RS-485
Model 8022NX RS-422 and RS-485 DIN Rail Mounted Surge Suppressor
Model 8021NX RS-485 DIN Rail Mounted Surge Suppressor
Other DIN Rail Products

Model 22PX Lightning Sponge® - Dial up Telephone Lines

Legacy Products
Model 27A2 RS-232 Lightning/Surge Protector - 24 lines
Model 22-64 Lightning Sponge® - Short Haul Modems/RS-232 - 64 KBPS
Model 22T1 Lightning Sponges for T1 & 56KB Telco Lines
Model 24 Lightning Sponge (for RS-232 Cables) - 3 lines
Model 3310/3311 10Base-T High Capacity Ethernet Protection System
Model 8022 RS-232 DIN Rail Mounted Surge Suppressor

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