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 Accratech Batteries: Replacement and Extra Batteries for Accratech UPS

• Replacement Battery Cartridges include all required connectors, Authorized Return Service (ARS) tag (currently available in the US only), Battery recycling guide, Installation Guide, Reusable packaging

Accratech Battery Units:

Model Battery Part Quantity Internal/External
U91-1.0K 101-100-005-001 4 Internal Batteries
U91-1.5K 101-100-005-001 4 Internal Batteries
U91-1.5KBC1 101-100-005-001 4 External Batteries, 1 Tray
U91-1.5KBC2 101-100-005-001 8 External Batteries, 1 Tray
U91-1.5KBC4 101-100-005-001 16 External Batteries, 2 Trays
U91-3K 101-100-0001-001 4 Internal Batteries
U91-4K 101-100-0001-001 4 Internal Batteries
U91-5K 101-100-0001-001 4 Internal Batteries
U91-8K 101-100-0002-001 4 Internal Batteries 12V 78AH SLA FR UPS12-300MR
U91-8K 101-100-0002-001 N 4 Internal Batteries 12V 70AH FR

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