Serial Connectivity Products: Terminal servers for Linux

ACS 800 Serial Consoles The ACS 800 provides serial access, environmental monitoring, IoT integration and remote networking capability to edge-oriented market sectors including financial institutions, retail chains and education.
ACS 8000 Serial Consoles Upgraded and advanced features that deliver scalable and high performance solutions for IT administrators

 Legacy Products

ACS 5000 Serial Consoles
(Discontinued - Contact Bomara)
The ACS 5000 meets the remote management needs of medium to large data centers. The series is available in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 48 ports with a single or dual AC power supply.
ACS 6000 Serial Consoles
(Discontinued - Contact Bomara)
The ACS 6000 console server series integrates advanced technologies, adaptive services and secure enterprise communications for high-end, large, enterprise data centers.
ACS v6000
(Discontinued - Contact Bomara)
Virtual advanced console server that has been encapsulated to enable dependable connectivity and management of virtual IT assets
Cyclades-TS100 Terminal Servers
(Discontinued - Contact Bomara)
Cyclades' branch office management solutions are powerful, yet highly compact terminal servers used to connect serial devices to a TCP/IP network.
Cyclades ACS Console Servers
(Discontinued - Contact Bomara)
Network operations center (NOC) personnel can have secure remote data center management of IT assets from anywhere.
Cyclades ACS1 Console Servers
(Discontinued - Contact Bomara)
Single-port console server used to connect serial devices to a TCP/IP network.

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