UPS Battery Replacement

Replace those Old Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) batteries instead of buying a whole new UPS and save!

UPS Batteries need replacing every 3-5 years depending on amount of usage, i.e., the number of times the UPS had to go on battery power and the length of time it was on battery. Since this is hard to determine, use common sense as to when to replace batteries. Many UPS units will have a battery fail indicator flashing or showing a steady red light on front panel, but this usually means the batteries have completely failed.

It costs less than you think, to be safe from power failures, power surges, and power sags: Replace the batteries!

Please contact us with the make, model, and serial number of your beeping (yes they start beeping when there is a problem such as a battery failure) UPS.

We Specialize In

APC Replacement Batteries
Accratech Replacement Batteries
Best Replacement Batteries
Eaton/Powerware Replacement Batteries

...and other UPS Manufacturers such as:


Some UPS battery replacements are simple. A battery replacement kit can be shipped directly to you with instructions on how to do the replacement yourself. APC even includes a return label for the old batteries!

If you wish to ship the unit to us, transportation of the unit to be repaired at Bomara Associates facilities is the responsibility of the customer. For situations where the UPS unit is too heavy to be shipped by conventional means, or if the number of UPS systems is large, Bomara Associates will offer an On-Site service program. We do this on a nationwide basis.

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