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The RS-232 SHARING PRODUCTS (MODEM SHARING, PORT SHARING, and CABLING HUBS) are normally used on polled main frame type networks where the terminals or a cluster controller have unique device address. (Click here for more information)     arrow_side

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Modem Sharing Products:
These products allow multiple addressable terminals to share a single modem. They are normally used at a remote location, but can also be used at the host site using a null modem cable.

TD-2 Picture
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    - 2 to 1 Signal Powered Splitter

This is a convenient low cost sharing unit with two female DB-25 terminal connectors and one male DTE connector. It is designed to connect to the terminal and provide a "down stream" port in a daisy chain fashion. Up to four units can be used in a daisy chain. The total combined cable distance should not exceed 150' at 9600 bps and 100' or less at 19.2 KB.

DeCAT Picture
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      - 4 to 1 Signal Powered Splitter

Four port signal powered sharing unit. No AC power required. LEDs define RTS and receive data on all ports. One DB-25 Male DTE and four DB-25 female DCE connectors. Combined cable distances from all of the ports may not exceed 125 feet.

ASR-32 Picture
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      - 8 to 1 AC Powered Splitter

Eight port AC powered sharing unit. LEDs define receive data on all ports. One DB-25 Male DTE and eight DB-25 female DCE connectors. Cable distance up to 150' from each port. Support 3-wire RS-232 (pins 2, 3, & 7).

SSD-32 Picture
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      - 8 to 1 AC Powered Splitter
      Cable Distances Up To 2000' Per Port

Eight port sharing unit. LEDs define RTS and receive data on all ports. LEDs on the Host port addresses additional signals. One DB-25 Male DTE and eight DB-25 female DCE connectors. Cable distances up to 2000' from each port. Return signal booster may be required at each terminal where cable distance exceeds 150'. See TB-32.

RS-232 Signal Boosters:
These products can be used in the middle of a RS-232 cable run to regenerate the RS-232 signals. They can also be used in pairs similar to short range modems, except that the signal is not converted between them.

TB-32 Picture
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      - Multi-Purpose RS-232 Sync or Async Signal Driver

The TB-32 is a general purpose RS-232 signal driver that can be used for a variety of RS-232 synchronous or asynchronous applications. It incorporates CPS's exclusive Super Serial Driver (SSD) that can drive the RS-232 signals up to 1500' when used in conjunction with other CPS products that employ the same driver. See SSD-32.

It may be used in pairs similar to short range modems, but with 11 conductor cable, at distances of up to 2000+ feet. It can also be used as a stand alone product in the middle of a sync or asynchronous RS-232 line to clean up and regenerate the appropriate RS-232 DCE and DTE signals.

AB-32 Picture
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      - Asynchronous RS-232 Signal Booster

The AB-32 is normally used at a distant terminal or PC to regenerate the return RS-232 signal. It is used when the standard RS-232 driver in the terminal cannot drive the return distance because of extended cable distance. They may also be used in pairs as 3-wire asynchronous short haul modems.

The AB-32s employ CPS's "Super Serial Driver". It can accommodate RS-232 signals up to 2000 feet over Unshielded Twisted Pair cable.


RS-232 Signal Converters:
These products convert the RS-232 signal to another signal discipline such an RS-422, fiber optic, USB, etc. The converted signal can be used by another device with a compatible interface or the products can be used in pairs, as Short Haul Modems to operate over longer distances. The second unit re-converts the signal back to RS-232.

F-232 Picture
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     - Flexible Mini RS-232 to Fiber Optic Converter

This asynchronous RS-232 to Fiber Optic converter is built in a DB-25 gender mender sized enclosure. It can be used as a stand alone unit connected directly to the RS-232 port of a terminal, PC, modem, or mux.

USB to RS-232 Cable Picture
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Allows serial devices to connect to a PC via its USB port or USB hub.


RS-232 Over Cat-5 Networks:

LAN TAP Picture
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Provides an RS-232 signal path over 10BASE-T LAN cabling. Uses the unused pairs.


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