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The following software is available FREE to CPS Customers. The Products are intended to assist you in configuring and using various CPS products to their optimum advantage. See the article Proactive Rebooting under Tech Tips for ideas as to how this software can be used with the Rebooting products.

Software Products:

TOUCH-TONE COMMANDER: (Version 1.0/Date 7-18-01)

This is a Windows database administrative program. It is used with the CPS Dial products that use Touch-tone commands. It helps keep track of the products and locations and generates the proper Touch-tone action and configuration commands.

It has a "wizard" type of setup that will ask you the proper questions for the product that you are using (phone number, Access Code, etc.). This information is stored in a mnemonic descriptor ("Location").

To send a Command or Configuration string, simply select the "Location" that you desire and the product specific Command Window will be displayed. It contains the settings for that "Location". The user simply Selects the Command needed and clicks "Dial". The modem will dial and send the command to the product for you. You can still use any Touch-tone key pad, or a combination of each, to generate the control commands.

Applicable Products

  • All TelCo based Remote Reset Controllers (SP-RRC), (3P-RRC), (MP-RRC)
  • Automatic Ring Rebooter (ARR)
  • Challenger TT
  • Controlled Access Switch (CAS)
  • Flexie Telco Switch (FTS)
  • International AC Power Controller (IPC)
  • Modem Router Switch (MRS)

SERIAL DLL: (VERSION 0.5/Date 7-16-01)

This software was written for the CPS Rebooting products. It is a Windows based applications that provides the programmer with simple calls to control Base Unit Rebooters connected to a serial port. Normally, it is used in conjunction with user written software that monitors specific applications that may possibly hang while the operating system continues to run.

  • It can be used with any CPS product that accepts direct commands through its Serial Port. It also sets up the Serial Port (Com 1 through Com 9 is available).

    The DLL is written for 32-bit only versions of Windows (95/98/ME, NT 4.0, or 2000). Examples in Visual Basic and C are supplied. Your input is welcome.

    Applicable Products

    • Heart Beat ReBooter (HBR)
    • Intelligent Auto Push Board (I-APB)
    • A/B Switch X2 version (ABM-X2)
    • Intelligent AC Power Node (IPN)
    • International AC Power Controller (IPC)

SERIAL NET: (VERSION 1.0/Date 6-15-01)

This is basically a "soft" TELNET to Serial converter. It operates on a remote PC or server, labeled the "TELNET Server". It can then be accessed with any TELNET client over a TCP/IP LAN or the Internet.

It is targeted toward those who wish to remotely control any CPS Base Unit Rebooting products connected to the serial port of a machine over the Internet or a LAN. It also configures the Serial Port to be compatible with CPS products.

NOTE: The FREE version of this only works with CPS products. A Commercial version is available that provides additional configuration flexibility

A TELNET Client that provides secure authentication is in development.

Applicable Products

    Heart Beat ReBooter (HBR)

    Intelligent AC Power Node (IPN)

    International AC Power Controller (IPC)

    Intelligent Auto Push Board (I-APB)

    A/B Switch (ABM)

LINUX USERS: (Date 8-06-01)

Here is a link to a customer site that has written software to control the IPC under Linux and other "termios"-type Unix systems. It allows the status to be checked and the power to be turned ON, OFF, or RECYCLED. It also deals with the watchdog... Thanks Sean.


Applicable Products

    International AC Power Controller (IPC)

AUTO PING: (VERSION 1.0.0/Date 1-1-04)

This is another Rebooting helper program. It operates as a service and runs locally at remote sites on a PC or server, independent of the WAN. It pings the surrounding equipment and sends reboot commands through the serial port of the "Control PC" to the CPS rebooters associated with failed return pings. It maintains activity logs and has an e-mail notification feature.

It can also poll alternate IP addresses through routers or other network equipment to determine if the IP address or the router failed the return the ping test.

Requires NT or greater operating system.

Applicable Products

    Intelligent Auto Push Board (I-APB)

    A/B Switch X2 Version (ABM-X2)

    Intelligent AC Power Node (IPN)

HEARTBEAT: (VERSION 1.1.7/Date 1-30-04)

This is the automatic control software that is shipped with the Heartbeat compatible products. It runs out of the system tray on any Windows 95 or greater machine.

    Applicable Products

    • Heart Beat ReBooter (HBR)
    • Intelligent Auto Push Board w/ Heartbeat (I-APB-HB)
    • Intelligent AC Power Node (IPN)
    • International AC Power Controller (IPC)

HEARTBEAT-S: (VERSION 1.0.0/Date 1-15-04)

A version of the Heartbeat that runs as a service and has e-mail notification and disk logging. Note the NT log can be accessed by other programs.

    Applicable Products

    • Heart Beat ReBooter (HBR)
    • Intelligent Auto Push Board w/ Heartbeat (I-APB-HB)
    • Intelligent AC Power Node (IPN)
    • International AC Power Controller (IPC)


This software is available free of charge. Request Information.

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