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 Alarms Management: SaaS Cloud based SNMP Alarm Management to provide you with Event Notification without any costly setup


We enable large or small organizations to efficiently monitor and administer a vast range of multi vendor legacy or IP equipment.

The Eclipse Alarm Management System is a range of powerful software tools that provide users with an operational overview of system performance, 24 hours a day. A number of software applications are available to meet price and performance criteria.  Each is designed to help manage multi-vendor systems and equipment, locally or remotely located, in an efficient and logical manner.

Easily integrated into existing IT environments, our Alarm Management Solutions simplify the management of remotely located multi-vendor equipment. They can automatically detect, filter and report real alarm data providing an in-depth operational view of voice and data network device status. This enables centralized management of large or small mixed networks using non-specialist staff.

The solution can be used to dramatically reduce break fix/costs and system downtime as well as improving service and customer satisfaction.

Alarms Management

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Tracker Equipment Alarms Use the Tracker to collect, store, forward and filter alarm data from your equipment/appliances.
Alarm Monitoring Full graphics based package to monitor incoming equipment alarms, schedule engineer visits and report on alarm activity.
Alarm Monitoring Lite Eclipse AML - cost effective solution for easy onscreen, Color coded alarm display.
Alarm Monitoring Managed Service Data Track offers a cost effective alternative to operating an in-house alarm system.
SNMP Conversion Eclipse AMC - Integrate non-SNMP compliant equipment into your SNMP management platform.

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