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Manage the voice and data network activity and utilization within your organization. Monitor for fraud and perform PBX admin more effectively.

Proactively managing systems and equipment, especially where these are remote, brings many benefits including improved efficiency, reduced resource levels and increased quality and availability of information on system performance. These factors help to ensure maximum equipment availability, minimum system downtime and the provision of the highest level of service.  Performance is key to your competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Using our products you will be able to reduce your operational costs and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Once you have securely connected to a remote site, we have developed a range of powerful software tools for our hardware platform that enables you to perform secure system administration and shows you an operational overview of system performance, 24 hours a day.

If you are looking for an effective way to process alarm data, then select Alarms Management.

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Power Management Power cycle remote devices to restore locked up equipment without a site visit.
Configuration Backup Automatically backup device configurations for routers, PBX’s, voice mail, IVRs etc.
Health Check Routinely check remote devices to ensure they are working.
Data Collection Locally store/buffer data for remote collection or forwarding (IP or dial-up).
Contact Closure Check the status of remote devices such as a UPS, router, door, fire or intrusion system etc.
Control Outputs Remotely reset locked devices, provide a local alert or switch to a backup system.
Environmental Monitoring Monitor your equipment environment, check air con & heating systems etc.
Phone Fraud Detection Monitor PBX CDR traffic in real time for suspicious traffic, minimize loss to fraud.

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