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Our integrated security products enable you to access and administer large numbers of multi-vendor devices in a highly efficient manner.

Providing remote access to a variety of equipment, particularly where they are connected to a data network, raises significant security concerns and administrative problems for customers, service suppliers and equipment maintainers. Your remote users will need to know passwords to gain access; this is a security risk. Establishing connections require that users have knowledge of various network protocols and proxy services; these can be complex. Your systems can be compromised by external hackers as well as internal staff; they require constant administration.

What you need is a simple yet secure method of providing access to potentially large numbers of multi vendor equipment by your engineers and administrators.

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Secure Access Management A centralized system that holds all your remote equipment password and connection information in a totally secure SQL database.
Tracker Security Prevent unauthorized remote connections, limit the level of administration and keep a full audit log of activity.

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