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 Tracker 274X Series: Toll Fraud Detection and PBX Fault Monitoring

Tracker 2740

 Product Family


The Tracker 2740 series is our entry level product in the Tracker platform. Each model in the series can run the full suite of Tracker applications but provide for different levels of connectivity. The 2740 family can do PBX data recording for either remote or on-site SMDR/CDR data and/or alarm collection. It can monitor call records for suspicious phone activity or critical alarm conditions and alert administrators. SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording) and CDR (Call Data Records) can both be performed via Ethernet or serial ports. The platform is Linux-based and supports SNMP Admin (IPFW Admin). Supports Ethernet VPN and serial communications via PPTP.

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System Administration
Remote Power Management Remote Power Management
Configuration Management Equipment configuration files can be automatically backed up
Data Storage Data such as CDR’s from a PBX or logs from a router can be stored for later collection.
Auditing The Tracker can record session activity to provide an audit trail of access and operation.
Application Assurance
Quality of Service (QoS) The Tracker can gather statistics from routers and IPBX equipment to produce QoS reports; it can provide an alarm if thresholds are exceeded. It can simulate SIP traffic to test the system.
Alarm Management The Tracker can be used to detect, filter, and report alarms (SNMP and non-SNMP) captured over ethernet or serial connections. Alarms can be delivered to multiple destinations.
Alarm Reset The Tracker can try to reset alarm conditions before reporting them, saving time at your management centre
Device Test The Tracker tests applications to ensure that they are still available
Health Check The Tracker is able to check the basic status of devices on TCP/IP networks.
Environmental Conditions such as temperature and humidity can be monitored.
Voice Management
Fraud Detection The Tracker can check CDRs against user defined criteria looking for fraudulent traffic.
Programmable Platform
The Tracker is a programmable platform that utilizes the Python scripting language and an associated SDK. You are not restricted to a fixed set of
applications. New applications can be developed by you, Data Track one of our development partners.
Contact Closures
Input The Tracker can be fitted with a number of digital inputs that allow you to monitor contacts from various devices. You can set up a number of rules to send an alarm if a contact opens, closes or changes state.
Outputs The Tracker can be fitted with a number of digital outputs that can be used to raise an external alert e.g. ring a bell, start a pump. These can be controlled on demand by you or by an alarm event.
Trackers provide a secure, consistent, auditable environment for system and network administrators to remotely access network devices and to perform
daily tasks without the fear of the system being compromised. Some Trackers have been security approved by the US and UK Governments. Tracker
Security features include

Restricted Answering
Two Factor Authentication (AES)
Revertive Call Back
VPN Tunneling
SSH & PPTP Encryption
Multiple Usernames / Passwords
Secure Menu Systems
Comfort Alarm
Session Audit Log
Network Address Translation (NAT)
Built-in Packet Filtering Firewall
Hardened Linux Operating System
Limited System Services
Custom Loader
Tracker Specific Complier
User Restricted Command Set

Detailed Specifications

Data Memory Non volatile flash card, 128 meg standard, 1 Gig option
UPS Option Up to 3 hours full operation
Size 7.5” x 5.5” x 1.5”
19 x 14 x 32 cms
Weight 0.77 pounds 0.35 kg
Case Plastic, 19” metal rack option
Power +5v DC - external AC adapter


  • SMDR/CDR Data Recorder / Toll Fraud Monitor
  • 96MB to 2GB of data storage
  • Toll Fraud Detection and PBX Fault Monitoring
  • PBX inactivity alarm and reporting
  • Works with all known PBX manufacturers
  • VOIP and IP telephony included
  • Six layers of security authentication
  • -48VDC power supply option
  • Totally self-contained box

The Tracker 274x family is a cost effective series of intelligent platform for performing secure and robust administration of remote network devices such as PBXs and routers. The family consists of the 2740, 2741, 2745 and 2746. Each model has a different combination of modem, serial, contact closure and Ethernet ports available. See the comparison table to determine which model has the connectivity you require.

All products in the Tracker 2700 series incorporate security features designed to complement and enhance existing network infrastructure security. In addition, a secure program development and runtime environment allows Tracker 2700 products to run custom applications that deliver value-added administrative services within voice and data networks.

Toll Fraud Detection and PBX Fault Monitoring Hardware Box

Use a single Tracker to monitor and manage a number of multivendor devices to save time and money.

Incorporates security features designed to complement and enhance existing network infrastructure security.

The Tracker has multiple Ethernet, modem and serial ports plus contact closures.

An easy way to connect to the administrative interfaces of your managed devices.

Collect, store and re-process data from a variety of multi-vendor voice and data devices.

Enables secure in-band, side-band and out-of-band connections.


Programmable Platform

The Tracker 2740 is a programmable platform that utilizes the Python scripting language and an associated SDK. You are therefore not restricted to a fixed set of applications. If you have a specific set of requirements for an application you have the choice of developing the application yourself or allowing us or one of our development partners to produce the application for you.

Reliability and Performance

Trackers are extremely reliable and feature self diagnostics and auto recovery. They monitor themselves for conditions such as
memory full or loss of power. They can deliver a regular comfort alarm as a system heartbeat. Trackers are manufactured by Data
Track Technology, the world leader in the provision of remote management capability to enterprises and service providers. There
are over 50,000 Trackers installed worldwide.



Tracker Model

Interface 2740 2741 2745 2746
10/100 Ethernet 1 2 1 2
V 92 Modem 1 1 1 1
Serial 1 1 2 2
Digital Contacts 0 0 4 4
Console 1 1 1 1


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