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Since 1984 all Data Track manufactured hardware products have been marketed under the Tracker brand name. Previous products included disk and tape based storage systems as well as a range of intelligent modems, these are all still supported but are no longer manufactured.

The current generation of Trackers is centered around the Tracker 2800 range of Linux based communications computers. These provide a highly secure and reliable platform for the provision of a range of applications and services on IP and legacy based systems. These multi user, multi tasking devices are complimented by the Tracker 2610, a temperature and humidity monitoring and alarming unit.

The Tracker is a highly secure and reliable Linux based platform for the management of remotely located, multi-vendor equipment using IP or PSTN connections. It can be used to provide a range of applications and services to monitor alarms and data from IP or legacy based systems and ancillary equipment. Some Trackers have been security approved by the US and UK Governments.

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Tracker Security
Multiple devices can be connected to a single Tracker, making it a highly cost effective solution. Trackers are multi-user devices and can provide a highly secure transparent gateway for remote diagnostics or configuration.

Tracker Alarms
A single Tracker can collect and forward large amounts of data, filter and report alarms and run application specific software; for multiple devices all at the same time in one unit.

There are a number of products in the range designed to suit a variety of different solutions in many diverse markets.

      Model List

Part Number


Tracker 2800 A Linux based appliance to provide heterogeneous out-of-band management to devices, local administration and monitoring, plus auditing for regulatory compliance.
Tracker 2720 / 2730 Tracker Lock & Key, Secure Modem with multi factor authentication
Tracker Series Comparison Choose the Tracker most suited to your requirements
Tracker Applications The Tracker platform can run Python scripting applications developed by your organization.
Tracker Management System Windows software to provide management of large numbers of Trackers located at remote sites.
Tracker 2700 Secure communications management device
Tracker 2710 V90 modem, 1 Ethernet, 32 MB storage
Tracker 2740 Series Basic entry in the series and has modem, serial, and Ethernet ports to enable secure connections to the devices’ administrative interfaces. Tracker 2740 Technical Specifications
Tracker 2750 Top level entry in the series and features nine expansion ports to enable secure connections to the devices’ administrative interfaces.
Tracker 2610 Temperature and humidity monitor.

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