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Welcome to Bomara's East Coast Datacom webpage. Manufacturers of buffered interface adapters, data broadcast units, interface converters, line drivers and cable extenders, sharing devices, modem eliminators, FIFO buffers, including tail circuit and satellite delay buffers, and multiplexers.


WAN Emulators

single phase ups units
Featured: WanRaptor

Programmable self-contained network delay simulators for LAN, WAN, and TELCO applications

Test/stage critical network equipment by altering bandwidth, latency, packet loss, and delay

Ethernet Stress Testing

single phase ups units
Featured: STG-1G

Ethernet Traffic Generation for Stress and Functional Testing equipment. Designed to generate and monitor Ethernet IP traffic from clients to servers to stress test routers, servers and firewalls capable of producing extreme network loads.

Remote Secure Console Servers

single phase ups units
Featured: Sync2IP

The Sync2IP is a device that transports serial communications over a TCP/IP network. It converts a full duplex Sync or Async serial data stream to a TCP/IP packet stream.

Interface Converters

single phase ups units
Featured: UDC-IC

The UDC-IC is designed to provide signal level conversion between RS-232 and V.35 equipment. The unit supports data rates up to 128Kbps.

Modem Eliminators

single phase ups units
Featured: UDC-ME X.21

The UDC-ME X.21 modem eliminator allows two DTE devices (such as routers) to communicate within proximity of each other.

Rate Adapters & Converters

single phase ups units
Featured: UDC-RA (Universal Data Converter)

The UDC-RA Rate Adapter allows low speed async or sync RS-232 data terminal equipment(DTE) to transmit over a higher speed 16k, 64k or 128k sync data communication equipment(DCE) link.

FIFO Buffers

single phase ups units
Featured: RDS-SB Satellite Buffer

The RDS-SB is a device intended to provide a unidirectional 2.097 Mbit elastic data buffering (FIFO memory) function between two systems having nominally equivalent clocking rates.

Router Delay Simulators

single phase ups units
Featured: Router Delay Simulator PLUS (RDS-PLUS)

The RDS-PLUS is a modular, network link error and delay simulator that provides a realistic simulation of physical network behavior with respect to time delays and bit errors.

Data Broadcast Units

single phase ups units
Featured: DBU-16

The DBU-16 is designed for use in receive only async data broadcast applications.

Code Operated Switch

single phase ups units
Featured: MSD-4C

The MSD-4C is a code-operated switch that has five RS-232 serial ports consisting of a Master Port and four sub-channel ports.

Line Drivers

single phase ups units
Featured: DME

The Digital Multidrop Extender (DME) transmits and receives synchronous data bi-directionally at data rates up to 64kbps over dedicated four wires.

Sharing Devices

single phase ups units
Featured: DMM-4DC

The Digital Mixing Module (DMM-4DC) is a network expansion device for modem sharing or port sharing applications in polled, contention and broadcast environments.


single phase ups units
Featured: Nx64-MUX

The 16-Port Nx64-MUX_DD is a modular TDM Multiplexer designed to support up to sixteen sub-channel ports from 9.6Kbps to 768Kbps in both Sync and Async formats.

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