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 BAT-Management: Boxes for Deployment and Management of the Access Points

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BAT-Controller WLC25
942 034-001


BAT-Controller WLC50
942 034-002


BAT-Controller WLC100
942 034-003


BAT-Controller WLC200
942 034-004
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BAT-Controller WLC500
942 034-005
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BAT-Controller WLC1000
942 034-006
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Smart Controller Technology The WLAN Controller uses wireless cell or SSID to support a number of ways of transmitting user data:
 •Bridged directly to the LAN (maximum performance e.g. for 802.11n-based access points)
 •Strictly separated from the LAN via VLAN (e.g. for WLAN guest access)
 •Tunneled centrally to the controller * (layer 3 tunneling across IP networks)
Supported Access Points BAT54, BAT300, and OpenBAT
Interfaces 4 individual ports, 10 /100 /1000 Mbit /s Ethernet
USB 2.0 Host Port USB 2.0 high-speed host port for connecting USB printers (USB print server) or serial devices (COM port server) Bidirectional data exchange is also possible (max. 480 Mbit /s)
Serial Interface Serial configuration interface / COM port (8 pole mini-DIN): 9,600 to 115,000 Baud, can be used to connect an analog /GPRS modem
Management Software Included LANconfig
 • Configuration program for Microsoft Windows, including a convenient Setup Wizard. Possibilities for group configuration, simultaneous remote configuration and management of several devices via an IP connection (HTTPS, HTTP, TFTP). Project-related, user-related or global default settings for the configuration program. Automatic storage of the current configuration prior to every firmware update. Exchange of configuration files between similar devices, e.g. for migrating old configurations to new BAT products.

 •Monitoring application for Microsoft Windows for (remote) monitoring and logging of equipment and connection status of BAT devices, including PING diagnostics and TRACE with filters and provision for storing the results in a file. Search and comparison functions for TRACE output. Wizards for standard diagnostics. Export of diagnostic files for support purposes (contain bootlog, system info and device configuration without passwords). Graphical representation of parameters (indicated by appropriate symbols in the LANmonitor view) plus chronological sequence and tabular comparison of minimum, maximum and average values in a separate window, e.g. for transmission and receiving speeds, CPU load, available memory.

 •Monitoring application for Microsoft Windows for visualizing and monitoring BAT WLAN installations, including Rogue AP and Rogue Client visualizations

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