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 Configurable media modules:

Modular media modules offers a tailor-made solution for all areas of use. All media modules are available in several variants.

Fast Ethernet MICE media modules

The Fast Ethernet Media modules of the MICE family offer beside the several technologies like singlemode, multimode, SFP, polymeric optical fiber or Power over Ethernet, as well as several connecting technologies like ST-, SC-, MTRJ-, SCRJ-, RJ45-, M12- or LC-connectors.

Gigabit Ethernet MICE media modules

The Gigabit Ethernet modules available with two or four SPF combo ports.

Fast Ethernet / Gigabit Ethernet PTP MICE media modules

Fast Ethernet / Gigabit Ethernet media module for MICE Switches supportive of PTP v2 (IEEE 1588 v2)

Fast Ethernet MICE media modules, digital IO

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