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 Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches:


BOBCAT Industrial Switches

Hirschmann industrial switches with time-sensitive networking (TSN) technology

DRAGON Backbone Ethernet MPLS-TP Network Switch

DRAGON Backbone Ethernet MPLS-TP Network Switch

Hirschmann backbone Ethernet based MPLS-TP network switch, packet transport node.

GREYHOUND Industrial Ethernet Switches

GREYHOUND Industrial Ethernet Switches

GREYHOUND switches offer a unique combination of price, ports and software features. GREYHOUND offers enhanced features through Hirschmann’s operating system, HiOS.

Lite Managed Switches

Lite Managed Industrial ETHERNET Rail-Switch, Ethernet/Fast-Ethernet Switch, Store and Forward Switching Mode, fanless design.
Includes the GECKO 4TX and 5TX.

Compact Configurable Managed Switches

Assure innovative redundancy solutions. The possibility of network supervision for the highest availability of complex solutions in process & traffic automation.

Power Rail Switches

Managed RSP Switches for increased security and seamless redundancy Robust Industrial DIN Rail Switches which supports Redundancy Protocols (PRP and HSR).

Modular Industrial Switches

Industrially compatible, flexible, economical & future-safe. Pays off especially in the long term: MICE Switches & media modules offer you maximum flexibility, for the growing network demands of the future.

Workgroup Switches

MACH100 switches are designed for the control room environment & the verge of the office world. Offering an operating temperature from 0°C-50°C with fanless cooling, low initial investment, high quality & durability.

Ruggedized Switches

With its RSR and MACH1000 Ruggedized Rail Switches, Hirschmann™ offers a highly flexible, long-lived product family that has been designed specifically for use under extreme conditions.

Managed Waterproof IP67/IP54 Switches

OCTOPUS switches are suited for outdoor applications with rough environmental conditions. They can be used in transport applications (T1/E1), as well as in trains (EN 50155) and ships (GL).

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