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 Ruggedized Switches: Extreme temperature, configurable Ethernet switch for outdoor environment

With its RSR and MACH1000 Ruggedized Rail Switches, Hirschmann™ offers a highly flexible, long-lived product family that has been designed specifically for use under extreme conditions.

RSR Robust Fast/Gigabit Ethernet DIN Rail Switches

Maximum reliability in mission-critical applications. The manageable switches are designed for extremely high demands with regard to shock and vibration resistance as well as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

MACH1000 Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Control Cabinet Switches

Ruggedized MACH1000 Switches offer the maximum of reliability. The new indestructible / rugged Hirschmann substation (IEC 61850) switches for Fast-Ethernet applications deliver excellent performance and high port density in a compact form factor. High port density, excellent RFI/EMI shielding and great flexibility.

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