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HiFusion allows you to integrate manufacturer-specific MIB variables from third-party devices into the Industrial HiVision Management-Software. HiFusion is a stand-alone application which allows you to integrate any SNMP-capable device into Industrial HiVision. You decide which device parameters should be supervised, and HiFusion will generate the required code.


BAT-Planner is a Windows Software Suite for the effective planning of a wireless network. Guided by wizards, the user can plan a complete network that fully meets the requirements and takes account of restrictions that apply for specific countries, frequencies and WLAN protocols. The planning results in a list of required material and a written report.

HiView 02.0

- HiView allows users to benefit from Hirschmann™ products' web interface, without any browser or Java library installed on their PCs. In addition, HiView is a portable application. It does not require any installation and does not alter any PC registry entries. It even works directly from removable media such as USB drives and SD cards, for ultimate portability. But HiView is not just a replacement for a web browser. The comfortable Selection screen shows which Hirschmann™ devices have been accessed recently, with the most popular listed at the top. A single click connects to the required device. For added security, it is simple and convenient to view the security certificates of both the products and the Java library. And HiView will automatically use the most secure communication method.


Hirschmann™ products are delivered without a default IP address. This ensures that there is no chance of an IP address conflict, which could have a negative impact on a network. The traditional method for configuring an IP address on a device is to use the serial port. But there will almost certainly be occasions when the correct serial cable is not available. This is where HiDiscovery comes into play. HiDiscovery will discover all Hirschmann™ devices on a LAN, even if they do not have an IP address. The “Signal” button will activate a device’s LEDs, so you can see which device you are communicating with. You can then assign IP address information to the device, directly over the Ethernet connection. HiDiscovery even assists with fault finding, by highlighting devices with duplicate IP addresses. The HiDiscovery application is free of charge. Main functions: Assign IP addresses to devices directly over the LAN. Activate a device’s LEDs, to confirm which device you are communicating with. Ping, Telnet, or open a device’s GUI with the click of a button. Detect duplicate IP addresses on Hirschmann™ devices.


- Powerful Windows management software for all BAT devices. LANconfig offers more than just configuration of BAT devices: Support of BAT-Controller, Group configuration of multiple devices, Script up and download, Scheduled updates, Firmware management, Wizard-based easy configuration


SNMP-Based monitoring tool for all BAT devices. It provides a real-time status overview for interface, network, connections, throughput, link quality etc.: An additional trace tool offers a graphic surface for diagnosis and trouble shooting. Real-time status of a BAT device. Time based graphs for throughput and performance.

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