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APC Shipboard UPS

APC Shipboard UPS for use in the Navy's ungrounded shipboard power system (Ref: COMNAVSAFECEN NORFOLK VA 280836FEB94). This is a modified COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) UPS specifically designed to operate safely aboard ships and submarines. These are necessary because a ship generates Delta power causing both power lines to be "hot".

Powerware (Invensys)...presented by Bomara Associates

Eaton Powerware Shipboard UPS

Shipboard UPS DNV (Det Norske Veritas) certified shipboard UPS units from single phase 1K - 15KVA and three phase up to 1100KVA


GarrettCom Industrial

GarrettCom's Industrial rugged Ethernet hubs, switches, media converters, in both copper and fiber products available in AC, +12VDC, +24VDC, -48VDC, +125VDC power versions and available with Conformal Coating Option and Tested for stressed and harsh environments.

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Hirschmann: A Belden Brand

Ethernet and Fieldbus products for industrial, rugged DIN Rail, compact industrial, and outdoor applications. Managed and unmanaged layer 2 and layer 3 switches including RSP(Redundancy Switch Protocol) both PRP and HSR for total fault tolerance throughput. These products are used in many different applications such as factory automation, process control, transportation and mechanical engineering.

Martin International Enclosures

Shipboard & TEMPEST enclosures
Martin International Enclosures manufactures a high-quality line of standard and custom rack mount enclosures and accessories specifically designed for shipboard applications. This includes rotational shock and vibration in three axis requirements. Other products include Data Center, Networking, and Telecommunication environments (NEBS). Martin's newest innovation in enclosure technology, the Power Distribution Enclosure (PDE) integrates branch circuit power distribution to the server cabinet via a built in raceway. Also the HXU an In-Row Chilled Water Heat Exchange Cooling cabinet.

S.I. Tech Logo

S.I. Tech

TEMPEST Products, Industrial Buses (Fieldbus), Optical Repeaters, RS-232, RS-485 And USB To Fiber Optic Modems

Telebyte Technologies


Telebyte is the Worldwide Source for Fiber and Copper Connectivity. Renowned leader in data conversion modules, short haul modems, Interface converters, DIN rail products.


Best Power

Best Power Shipboard UPS

Shipboard UPS is a COTS version of the Ferrups ranging from 10kVA to 18kVA.


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