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PW9355 10-15kVA PW9355 20-30kVA
Product Snapshot
Power Rating: Two product configurations: 10 - 15 kVA and 20-30 kVA (at 0.9 power factor)
Voltage: 208V/120V/208V
480:120V/208V or 600:120/208 with input isolation transformer (at 60 Hz only), 480V output available on 20-30 kVA
Frequency: 50/60 Hz, auto-sensing
Configuration: Small-footprint tower, black with internal batteries
Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) are available for the 10-20 kVA units and Extended Battery Cabinets (EBCs) are available for the 20-30 kVA units
Topology: Three-phase, double-conversion online UPS
Battery Backup: Internal battery times range from 5-20 minutes at full load. More than two hours of backup can be achieved with matching External Battery Enclosures (EBEs)
>> 10-15 kVA technical specifications
>> 20-30 kVA technical specifications


With advances in miniaturization and processing power, a single rack of equipment will soon demand 15 to 30 kVA of power — and more equipment than ever will be served by dual-cord power supplies. It’s a challenge to provide power protection for expanding loads in shrinking spaces.

That’s the reality for which Eaton designed the Powerware 9355 UPS. This advanced UPS delivers 10 kVA or 30 kVA of power protection in a sleek tower configuration which includes internal batteries. With such a small footprint, you have more options for locating the UPS and more data center space available for future expansion.

The innovative design of this UPS delivers the industry’s best performance combination of high efficiency, low input current distortion and high power factor. The cumulative result of these advancements is maximum economy, adaptability, and power performance.

Best of all, this advanced technology comes in an easy-to-use product. Installation is easy. You can order the 10-15 kVA UPS with your choice of output receptacles, choosing from 18 types. Later, when you need to change or move data center equipment, simply unplug from the old receptacle, plug into a new one, and go. There’s no need for an electrician to run new conduit and wiring.

The 20-30 kVA models offer features like dual-feed inputs, a 480-volt output transformer, and input and output breakers internal to the UPS.


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