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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS):

Single Phase UPS Units

single phase ups units

PC, Workstations, and Small Network Servers

Three Phase UPS Units

three phase ups units

Medium to Large Data Centers, Building Maintenance and Industrial Power Protection

Rack Mount 1 & 3 Phase Units

Rack Mount 1 and 3 Phase Units

Rack Mount (1U-7U) UPS units for IT & Networking Environments.

FERRUPS Ferroresonant UPS Family

ferrups ferroresonant ups family

Both Rackmount and Tower 500VA-18KVA, UL Certified, Shipboard Units Industrial Power Conditioning & Waste Water Treatment Centers.

Marine Shipboard Products

marine shipboard products

1 to 3 phase shipboard power with delta loop ground and ruggedized

Power Conditioners

power conditioners

Single Phase and Three Phase Units for Power Protection from Electrical Noise, Lightning, Utility Power Switching, Motors.

Emergency Lighting UPS Family

emergency lighting ups family

(10-200 kVA) UL 924 tested and certified, the industry’s highest capacity and smallest footprint options for emergency lighting applications.

Maintenance Bypass Switches

maintenance bypass switches

Hotswap MBP & FlexPDU, FERRUPS, 9PX, Wall Mounted Or Rear Mounted On UPS

UPS Battery Replacement

ups battery replacement

Every 3-5 years you should replace your batteries. Click here to select your UPS + Replacement Part



Network Cards For Eaton Powerware UPS Systems

Eaton Services

eaton services

On-Site service for startup, PM visits, repair, battery replacement, annual service contracts



Local & Enterprise Software For Managing UPS, PDUs, Power Xpert Meters & Gateways

Power Distribution Units (PDU):

Pulizzi Power Distribution Units

pulizzi logo pulizzi unit

Basic, metered, monitored, and switched PDUs, Remote Reboot Switches, EPO Switches & Custom Products.

ePDU's Eaton Power Distribution Units

epdu logo epdu unit

Basic, metered, monitored, and switched PDUs

Larger System PDUs

larger system pdu

3 Phase High KVA Power Distribution Packages And Legacy Products

Energy Management Systems (EMS)

energy management systems

Environmental Rack Monitor Products

Automatic Transfer Switches

automatic transfer switches

(eATS) Creates An N+1 Redundant Automatic Bypass Switch For Small UPS Systems. Automatic Crossover If A UPS Fails.

Power Xpert Meter And Gateway Products

Power Xpert Meters and Gateways

power xpert meters and gateways

Web-Based Meters for power monitoring to detect sags, swells, and harmonics. LEED qualified meter series for comprehensive power measurements and logging. Ethernet based gateway products for integrating third party power energy equipment.

IQ Meters

IQ Meters

IQ Meter Series Metering for a Full Range of Power Sags, Surges, and Harmonics. Interfaces are Modbus, RS485, Ethernet, and Wireless.

Enclosed Meter Series

enclosed meter series

Offers mounting and installation flexibility, for retrofit applications where no metering compartment or mounting space is available in the existing electrical distribution equipment

Ethernet Switches

Power Xpert

Power Xpert Ethernet Switches Hardened for the Factory Floor Supports Both Copper and Fiber Connections. 10MB, 100MB, 1GB.

24VDC & 48VDC Rectifier Power Systems & Inverters

EPS Series

EPS Series

EPS2-400 and EPS5 Series Rectifiers and Rack-Mounted Shelves Including a Network Controller with Redundancy. Includes U.S UL Certification and International Certification.

APS Series

APS Series

The APS Series of Rectifiers and Rack-Mounted Shelves Including a Network Controller with Redundancy for Mid-range to Large DC Power. Includes U.S UL Certification and International Certification.

Matrix Series Inverters

Matrix Series

Converts 48VDC to AC for applications where a very high reliability AC supply is required.

Rectifiers and Control Modules:

Rectifiers and Control Modules

Rectifiers, Control Modules, and Extended Battery Runtime Packages.

Surge Products

SPD Type 1 & 2 CHSP

SPD Type 1 and 2

SPD Type 1 CHSP Service Entrance Surge Protection — UL 1449 3rd Ed.

PSPD Series

PSPD Series

The most advanced ULT 1449 3rd Edition certified surge protectors for plant-wide facility power protection such as lightning and grid switching, equipment protection.

PSPV Series

PSPV Series

Compact design to enable close mounting to electrical distribution equipment with individually fused surge suppression components.

Eclipse Surge Protection

Eclipse Surge Protection

Total Protection Against Power Surges, Spikes, Nearby Lightning Strikes, Line Noise



Protects Sensitive Telecommunications, HVAC, And Other Electrical Equipment

Rack Enclosure Series Including 2 & 4 Post Rail Packages

Rack Enclosure S-Series

Rack Enclosure S-Series

Formerly Wright Line Enclosures and Including the RS Series Enclosures.

MiniRaQ Family


Vertical rack enclosure for wallmount Edge IT and power management equipment

Available in
  • Open
  • Convertible
  • Secure


International Voltages

International Voltages

International Voltage Chart Listed Alphabetical For Each Country

Legacy Products

Legacy Products

Surge Products, Powerware Series 5, Powerware Series 9

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