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 Eaton Powerware maintenance UPS bypass switches: To service the UPS OFFLine


Eaton Bypass Power Module (BPM):
Compatible with 9170+, 9155 and 8-10 kVA 9PX UPS models

Compatible with 9170+, 9155 and 8-10 kVA 9PX UPS models, the Eaton Bypass Power Module (BPM) acts as both a maintenance bypass and a panelboard in the applications it supports. Providing customers with increased flexibility, the BPM saves customers money on electrical costs and lowers upfront costs overall while protecting against downtime during periods of equipment maintenance.

Eaton Maintenance Bypass Switch Dimensions

Eaton Maintenance Bypass Switch:
Make-Before-Break (MBB) and Break-Before-Make (BBM)

An MBB switch makes a new connection before it breaks the original connection. For example, if you turn an MBB switch from UPS to LINE, the bypass switch connects the load to AC input power before disconnecting the load from UPS output power. MBB switches may not be used in certain system configurations such as a non-hardwired UPS.

A BBM switch breaks the original connection before it makes a new one. If you turn a BBM switch from UPS to LINE, the switch disconnects the load from UPS output power before connecting the load to AC input power.


Eaton FlexPDU & Hotswap MBP:
branch circuit monitoring to ensure effective monitoring and power management

The Eaton FlexPDUs are designed to increase power distribution from a single UPS and provide more flexibility.  The Eaton HotSwap Maintenance Bypass enhances availability by providing service continuity in all situations and facilitates hot-swappable battery replacement.

FERRUPS Bypass Switches

FERRUPS Bypass Switches:

If your UPS is hard-wired (if it does not have an input power plug), you should have a Bypass Switch with an AC Line Disconnect Switch. The cabinet for these switches may be external (a separate cabinet that you can mount on a wall) or internal (attached to the back of the UPS — FERRUPS only). The Bypass Switch has three positions. (See table below.) In all three positions, AC input power is still connected to the input terminals inside the UPS (once the UPS is installed). Use the AC Disconnect switch (on the right side) to disconnect AC input power whenever the UPS needs maintenance or service.

Click here to see the External Maintenance Bypass Switches Wiring Diagrams and Tables

9PX Family Maintenance Bypass Switches

9PX Family Maintenance Bypass Switches:
Eaton HotSwap MBP

The Eaton® HotSwap MBP module makes it possible to service or even replace the UPS without affecting the connected loads (HotSwap function). You can safely eliminate the effects of UPS maintenance and guard the integrity of your equipment.

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